A Case of Kidnapping, Level 4

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Faction: EoM/ Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Kinetic/ Thermal
Web/ Warp Disrupt: Frigates (1st and 3rd pocket)
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ships: CNR, Golem, Dominix

Initial Gate

Auto aggro at warp-in.

Single Group (7- 10km)

3x Battleships (EoM Ogre/ Hydra)

1st Pocket

1st Group (16- 18km)

4x Battleships (EoM Hydra)

2nd Group (22- 26km)

4x Cruisers (EoM Black Priest)
2x Battleships (EoM Ogre)

3rd Group (28- 32km)

4x Frigates (EoM Saboteur) Web/ Warp Disrupt
2x Battleships (EoM Ogre)

4th Group (38- 42km)

6x Frigates (EoM Succubus)
5x Cruisers (EoM Crusader)

2nd Pocket

1st Group (27- 32km)

3x Battleships (EoM Ogre/ Hydra/ Death Lord)

2nd Group (34- 44km)

6x Cruisers (EoM Prophet)
2x Battleships (EoM Hydra) Trigger

Reinforcement Spawn (26- 28km)

3x Battleships EoM Ogres

3rd Pocket

Attacking the 1st group will aggro the entire pocket, attacking the 3rd group will aggro the 1st Group also.
Fleet members that warped in and attack will draw aggro from the 2nd group if not previously engaged.

1st Group (20- 24km)

4x Battleships (Mercenary Overlord)

2nd Group (20- 24km)

4x Cruisers (Mercenary Commander)
2x Battleships (Mercenary Overlord)

3rd Group (20- 24km)

6x Cruisers (Mercenary Commander)
4x Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) Web/ Warp Disrupt

4th Pocket

Auto aggro from 1st and 2nd group.

1st Group (54km)

1x Battleship (EoM Behemoth)

2nd Group (10- 24km)

4x Tower Sentry Drone II (EoM Sentry Gun)
2x Tower Sentry Drone III (EoM Sentry Gun)

All of the pockets are in normal space, therefore MWD works and Fleet Members may warp directly to any pocket.
All of the acceleration gates are locked until the pocket is clear of any hostile ships.
Spacial interference prevents the use of stasis Webifiers or "other items of its type" on the EoM Behemoth.
Don't forget to retrieve the dropped VIPs passengers.

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