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A case of kidnapping, level 4

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Faction: EoM/Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space. MWD works and if you warp to a gang member, you warp directly to him, not to the first gate.
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm for pocket 1-3 and 5. All kinds for pocket 4
Web/scramble: EoM" Saboteurs and Mercenary Wingmen Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic and thermal Recommended ships: CNR ====Pocket 1:==== Damage Dealt: Kin/therm Recommended dmg: Kin 2x EoM Ogre 1x EoM Hydra No Aggro at warp-in ====Pocket 2:==== Damage Dealt: Kin/therm Recommended dmg: Kin Web/scramble: Saboteurs No Aggro at warp-in. Drones doesn't get aggro. Easy to pick off the groups. ===Group 1=== 2x EoM Death Lord 4x EoM Saboteur (Scramble) ===Group 2=== 4x EoM Hydra ===Group 3=== 5x EoM Crusader 6x EoM Succubus ===Group 4=== 2x EoM Ogre 4x EoM Black Priest ====Pocket 3: ==== Damage Dealt: Kin/therm Recommended dmg: Kin No aggro at warp in. Easy to pick off group by group. Drones doesn't get aggro. ===Group 1=== 1x EoM Death Lord 1x EoM Ogre 1x EoM Hyrdra ===Group 2=== 2x EoM Hyrdras 6x EoM Prohphets ===Group 3 (Warps in when you have killed group 2)=== 3x EoM Ogres ====Pocket 4:==== Damage Dealt: All kinds Recommended dmg: Therm, kin Extras: Drones will aggro the entire pocket. Web/scramble: Mercenary Wingmen ==Tip:== - For shield tankers, take out the Mercenary Commanders unless you wield an em-hardener. For armor tankers, take out the Mercenary Wingmen, unless you wield an exp-hardener. Rest is kin/therm damage. - Gang members that fire on anything including the 4 overlords will get aggro from the rest, if not aggroed. - You can afterburn away from the group and then kill the 4 battleships first then fly in and kill the rest. ===Group 1 (Aggro)=== 4x Mercenary Overlords ===Group 2=== 2x Mercenary Overlords 4x Mercenary Commanders ===Group 3=== 6x Mercenary Commanders 4x Mercenary Wingmen (Web/scramble) ====Pocket 5: ==== Damage Dealt: Kin/therm Recommended dmg: Kin 1x EoM""Behemoth, 6x turrets (Tower Sentry Drone II). Aggro at warp in.

Can is dropped by the Behemoth

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