Clearing A Path, level 2

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Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate (Cruisers and below only)
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: None
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: Kin
Recommended ships: Caracal

No guards outside the deadspace.

Pocket 1

Group 1 (Aggro)

Distance: 25 to 30 km
8x Frigates:
6x (Federation Praktor Belos)
2x (Federation Praktor Happago)

Next wave spawns when all ships are dead.

Group 2

Distance: 25 - 30 km from original warp-in point.
8x Destroyer (Orbit <4000m):
6x (Federation Praktor Phalarica)
2x (Federation Praktor Machina)

Killing last ship spawns the next wave.

Group 3

Distance: 35 km
4x Cruiser:
2x (Federation Praktor Ouragos)
2x (Federation Praktor Optioon)

After you kill the last of these four cruisers, a further eight cruisers will spawn that you do not need to kill: you'll get a message in local from the Caldari Navy to the effect that they'll handle it from here and the mission ends.

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Comment by ChepeNolon
2008-11-22 08:19:17
None of the frigates can hit from beyond 20 km and none are fast. The cruisers can't hit from beyond 35km. Very easy mission; used four SV-2000 Assault Launchers with T1 ammo and passive tank on Caracal.
-- BuilderAlphaOne (2008-11-21 23:25:11)

(copied comment from the other page)
Comment by ZuboLom
2008-12-07 09:01:43
In my mission i'm use kinetick rockets, the best damage for cruiser
Comment by ClayShaw
2008-12-16 03:42:33
Had this mission in Passari system, the first jump gate will not allow anything over a cruiser sized ship through the gate.
Comment by AleciumZaber
2009-04-29 23:37:49
Damage dealt is Kinetic and Thermal, NOT explosive damage like the page says.
Comment by JohnHoe
2009-07-25 12:41:08
Confirming that the warp gate is indeed for cruisers and below
Comment by TheMissioner
2009-10-03 08:57:21
just changed the recommendation from EXP to KIN
Resitances of ships are
e.g. Phalarica: Expl: 40%, Kin: 10%
Ouragos: Expl: 56%, Kin: 26%
also changing damage dealt to Kin/Term
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-03-09 23:10:30
As of March 9, 2010, the permitted ship types are:

Assault Ship
Covert Ops
Electronic Attack Ship
Rookie Ship
Stealth Bomber

FACTION BALANCING: This mission incurs only a -0.018% standing loss for "Combat - Ship Kill".
Comment by ReawiDarkfly
2010-05-16 15:11:50
All of the ships in group 2 are Destroyers, not Frigates! Quite a nasty surprise for my Thrasher.
Also, the mission deals a total of -2.2822% Gallente Standing loss as follows:
-0.0065 % Combar - Ship Kill
-0.018 % Combat - Ship Kill
-2.2577 % Derived Modification
Comment by DeiDeros
2010-06-14 03:02:46
When I started approaching the cruisers that showed up at the end and they disappear so you can still salvage!!
Comment by ReaveToralen
2011-08-19 11:20:05
Exactly like in description. Very poor salvage though... oh, not so big deal more than 500k in mission reward for 15 minutes of fight using Caracal, Bloodclaw was most effective. Less than 1,3% Gallente standing loss - cleaned all of them.
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2011-10-09 12:58:48
I never saw those final eight cruisers... maybe they only spawn after a set time delay. Just to have mentioned :)
Comment by EsotericMind
2011-10-28 19:28:45
Completed in a mining fit Vexor with kin/therm hardeners and T1 drones. Dropped 1.5M worth of tags.
4.2 % Caldari standing
-2.5112 % Derived Modification Gallente standing
Comment by IntelKnight
2011-11-13 23:40:00
The last 8 cruisers were friendly, same faction as me, and they de-spawned soon after
Comment by DebirAchen
2011-11-23 06:43:05
Cruisers were fixed in a patch a while back, so that they were friendly.
Comment by SuperFrank
2012-10-19 16:02:25
Gallente Standings Loss:
-0.018% Combat - Ship Kill
-1.6331% Derived Modification
Comment by JoshThomas
2014-08-17 17:55:15
With Connections IV, Social IV:

-3.22% Gallente standings
+4.2% Caldari standings
Comment by GeoEclipse
2017-08-31 22:06:29
This was given as a Level 1 Storyline Mission for me.
Bounty: 0 isk
Loot & Salvage: 6.03 Mil Isk
Comment by DumbGit
2018-02-19 22:02:24
20 Feb 2018
Just did this in a low skilled toon I use for trading and research.
Had her in a Rifter with 3 x T2 250mm Light Artillery (Rep Fleet Carbonized Lead). Small shield booster (cap stable) and 2 x Dread Guristas Kinetic Resistance Amps.
Had to wait for the Frigates to get within lock range so I orbited a bunker and then started popping them when they got within range. Took a couple salvos for each frig.
The 2nd Spawn has a lot more DPS (obviously) and my shields started melting quickly. I aligned to a station thinking I'd warp when I got into structure but the incoming damage starting dropping off immediately. I ended up turning back and going at the remaining destroyers to finish them off. They'd got me down to 84% armour and that was it.

The cruiser spawn wasn't as much of a threat. Even with all 4 in range they were barely denting my shield. My only problem was it took forever to pop each one. Switched to Tremo and that seemed to speed things up a bit.

Loot was about 4.4 mil isk, of which 4.1 mil was in tags (didn't salvage the ships this time).

Mission rewards and standings gains/losses are dependant on skill levels and standings prior to mission completion so will be different for pretty much everyone.

Mission rewards/bonus was 875,000 isk.
+0.42 Caldari
+0.237 Ammar
+1.2 Caldari Navy

-0.209 Gallente and -0.005 for 3 "Ship Kill" ticks
-0.093 Minmatar
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