Codename: Redress, Level 5

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Exp
Extras: Neut
Web/scramble: Yes/Yes ("Ivan" frigs)
Recommended damage dealing: Exp
Recommended ships classes: Group, Solo'd in a Drake but took waaaay too long
Recommended generic setup: Need at least one ship with Codebreaker, and ship with 2000m3 cargo space

1st Pocket

7x Minmatar Stasis Tower
6x Minmatar Cruise Battery
3x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
4x Minmatar Neut Tower III

2nd Pocket

4x Minmatar Cruise Battery
2x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
10x Battleship (Ymir/Jotun/Pytara)
6x Battlecruiser (Venis/Nutia/Norn)
6x Cruiser (Orka/Pafi/Jarpur)
11x Frigate (Hrakt/Takan/Gleeda/Ivan) - Ivan web/scram

5x Databank
- Spawn 1-5: Each successful can hack spawns 2 frigs or inflicts about 400 dmg

No Neut Towers

3rd Pocket

2x Minmatar Cruise Battery
6x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
4x Minmatar Neut Tower III (spawns another sentry)
5x Battleship (Jotun/Ymir/Sigur)
4x Battlecruiser (Norn/Nutia)

4x Databank
- Spawn 1: When 4th can hacked. 4x Frig/4x BC/2x Cruiser

4th Pocket

6x Battleship (Ymir/sigur/Jotun)
1x Battelcruiser (Venis)
8x Cruiser (Rodal/Jarpur/Orka)
4x Frigate (Gleeda)

- Spawn 1: After frigs are killed. 2x Frigate (Ivan)
- Spawn 2: After Cruisers are killed. 4x Battlecuiser (Norn)
- Spawn 3: After Battleships are killed. 3x Battleship (Ymir)

6x Databank (no surprises)

Comment by NurseBob
2011-05-30 13:01:20
there was allot more in this mission than the above description.
The mission took me 3 hours in a solo tengu.
If you can, you should skip this mission, its not worth the LP!
Comment by MaciejSimm
2014-01-22 09:59:32
incoming DPS included heavy thermal and some EM.

scamming frigs in room 2 were in 20km range and the incoming DPS overwhelmed a 90-90-90 +230HP/s tengu until painter and webs was removed.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2014-01-27 08:52:32
last room also included a spawn of 3x gleedas and later 3x ivans. Other ships kept spawning as well.
Comment by MaciejSimm
2014-01-27 10:35:56
looks like can only drops for mission owner - not gang mates - and if you leave pocket to get an indu, you have to re-hack the cans. So don't bother hacking them first time thru, but when you come back, realize some rats will spawn (incl. scarm ivans.)
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