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======Codename: Redress, Level 5======
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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Exp
Extras: Neut
Web/scramble: Yes/Yes ("Ivan" frigs)
Recommended damage dealing: Exp
Recommended ships classes: Group, Solo'd in a Drake but took waaaay too long
Recommended generic setup: Need at least one ship with Codebreaker, and ship with 2000m3 cargo space

===__1st Pocket__===
7x Minmatar Stasis Tower
6x Minmatar Cruise Battery
3x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
4x Minmatar Neut Tower III

===__2nd Pocket__===
4x Minmatar Cruise Battery
2x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
10x Battleship (Ymir/Jotun/Pytara)
6x Battlecruiser (Venis/Nutia/Norn)
6x Cruiser (Orka/Pafi/Jarpur)
11x Frigate (Hrakt/Takan/Gleeda/Ivan) - Ivan web/scram

5x Databank
- Spawn 1-5: Each successful can hack spawns 2 frigs or inflicts about 400 dmg

No Neut Towers

===__3rd Pocket__===
2x Minmatar Cruise Battery
6x Tower Sentry Minmatar III
4x Minmatar Neut Tower III (spawns another sentry)
5x Battleship (Jotun/Ymir/Sigur)
4x Battlecruiser (Norn/Nutia)

4x Databank
- Spawn 1: When 4th can hacked. 4x Frig/4x BC/2x Cruiser

===__4th Pocket__===
6x Battleship (Ymir/sigur/Jotun)
1x Battelcruiser (Venis)
8x Cruiser (Rodal/Jarpur/Orka)
4x Frigate (Gleeda)

- Spawn 1: After frigs are killed. 2x Frigate (Ivan)
- Spawn 2: After Cruisers are killed. 4x Battlecuiser (Norn)
- Spawn 3: After Battleships are killed. 3x Battleship (Ymir)

6x Databank (no surprises)

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