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Common Perimeter Deposit

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Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Gravimetric
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Omni
Webbers: None
Scramblers: None
Recommended ship classes: Medium tanked Battlecruisers
Recommended generic setup: Omni tank

Although abundant supplies of fullerenes were the darling discovery of the new wormhole regions, the influx of access to more raw minerals was not something that went unnoticed either. For many years, experts had postulated that the current supply in known space was beginning to fall slightly behind demand. Fortunately for all parties involved, the discovery of vast ore deposits in these far-flung, unknown areas ensured that such an event would not happen in the foreseeable future.

Single Pocket

Initial Group

5x Frigates (Emergent Patroller)
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