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======Covering Your Tracks, Level 4======

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Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal
Faction: Mercenaries

Damage dealt: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Mercenary Wingman

Recommended ships: Raven, CNR, Dominix, Drake, Typhoon.

====Single Pocket====
Auto aggro.

~=== Single Group (20km) ===
~~2x Sentry Gun (Caldari 425mm Railgun Sentry)
~~3x Elite Frigate (Mercenary Wingman) **Webifier/ Warp Disruptor**
~~3x Cruiser (Mercenary Commander)
~~2x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)
~~1x Battleship (Ratah Niaga/ Tauron/ Taisu Magdesh)

== Blitz ==
All ships must be cleared to complete the mission.

The Abandoned Stargate Drops Metal Scraps (50)

Ratah Niaga's ship has high thermal resistance. Use kinetic damage to kill it. He will try to orbit at ~250km flying away at 145m/s. Best to kill him first before he gets away or fit a MWD or MJD to go after him.

== Loot and Bounty ==
All the named Battleships have a small chance to drop faction loot.

== Damage Information ==

|=|(y:2) Name |=|(y:2) Weapon |=|(x:4) Group DPS ||
|=| EM |=| Exp |=| Kin |=| Th ||
|=|{text-align:left} Ratah Niaga || Paradise Precision Cruise Missile || 162 ||{text-align:center} 36 ||{text-align:center} 91 |=| 200 ||
|=|{text-align:left} Tauron || Paradise Cruise Missile || 159 ||{text-align:center} 36 || 103 |=| 292 ||
|=|{text-align:left} Taisu Magdesh || Devastator Cruise Missile || 149 || 101 ||{text-align:center} 95 |=| 180 ||

Note: group DPS excludes Sentry Guns.

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