Crowd Control, Level 4 StoryLine

Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter (Storyline)
Space type: Deadspace (Single Pocket)
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Web+scramble: Elite Federation Lochos
Sensor Dampening: Federation Navis Longa
Neuts: Federation Praktor Erenus
Recommended damage dealing: Therm, Kinetic
Recommended ships classes: Golem, Sniping Ship, Heavy Tank Ship (e.g. Tengu) or a HAC/T3 to speed-tank

Single Pocket

Initially there will be a small group of 4 battleships with some frigates close by.
Two much larger groups with many battleships will be 200km away.

At first only the initial group will aggro, but eventually several groups of ships from the Distant Group will "warp" (spawn) to your position and engage. (One group remained passively for me.)

Group 1

Distance: 25-50km
3x Battleships (Federation Navis Longa) -Light sensor Dampening.
1x Battleship (Federation Covinus)
1x Federation/Gallente Commander (Federation Praktor Hyperion/Magister) Mission Objective - Kill to complete
9x Frigates (Federation Matara, Federation Praktor Belos, Federation Arcus)

Distant Groups (2 groups, but they warp in sychronization)

Distance: 200-250km, they warp to 25-50km
10x Battleships (Federation Helepolis, Federation Covinus)
12x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Arx, Praktor Bearcus, Pezos, Praeco)
3x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Erenus) - Medium Neuts on each. They have microwarps so they will get to you very fast.
12x Cruisers (Federation Praktor Centurion, Nauclarius, Praktor Hippeus, Praktor Ouragos, Praktor Optioon, Praktor Legionarius) Sensor Dampening
1x Frigate (Elite Federation Lochos) Web and Scram

Passive group (stayed at their distant position and did not engage until agressed)

6x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Arx, Praktor Bearcus, Pezos, Praeco)
2x Battleships (Federation Helepolis, Federation Covinus)

Blitz: Kill the Commander and the mission will be complete.

Standings: 0.2% loss per standing tick, and you should not take more than 45 minutes (3 ticks), negligible compared to the derived standing loss (around 3%)

Tags ( worth about 30m ):
3x Federation Navy Command Sergeant Major I
18x Federation Navy Fleet Captain I
14x Federation Navy Fleet Colonol I
2x Federation Navy Fleet Colonol II
26x Federation Navy Fleet Major I
6x Federation Navy Midshipman III
1x Federation Navy Sergeant I
5x Federation Navy Sergeant II
1x Federation Navy Sergeant III

Tip: Incoming DPS is comparable to a L5 mission (beyond 1000 dps easily on a battleship hull), but you can stay out of their effective range (which is below 60 km) and snipe them. As this is deadspace you can not warp to bookmarks - you would land on the warpin-beacon anyway - but you can warp to range of a bookmark (any bookmark in the mission deadspace will work) and land at the chosen range from the warpin-beacon. Start flying away when they get into their effective range and pick them off.

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Comment by KlippiesCoke
2011-02-13 15:08:16
Dealing EM damage did not work very well, got much better results with Kin.
Comment by Ryuyasha11
2011-02-25 13:13:10
Kin and therm are standard for use against federation ships...i dont know who added the EM bit in.
Comment by FozzyDorsai
2011-03-20 11:22:49
Blitz: Confirmed killing Federation Commander (Federation Praktor Hyperion) completed the mission. It took only nine volleys of six Wrath cruise missiles to take him down. While I was in a heavily tanked Navy Scorpion, it seemed that the DPS was rather light and the two large groups never began their run at me before I warped off.
At least for blitz, other than the normal derived modification hit (it was -5.7525 for me), there is only a negligible faction standing hit of -.02% for killing the Federation Commander. It would be good to get a total for the whole room.
Comment by FulmarMusic
2011-03-24 11:41:54
Confirmed, also it's not under names, but under types when looking for "Federation Praktor Hyperion". Nothing scrams as far as I cud tell, easy mission... lame rewards, if you have low galentte standings.
Comment by BesBin
2011-04-16 07:09:35
I did the whole room in a ├╝ber faction/deadspace pimped sniper Mael. Easy as pie when done at 60+ kms, but it took 20 mins popping holes in that many BS rats.

Rewards were 4 mill for mish reward (I have Negotiation 5 and max standings though) and a whoopin' 40 mill in tags (mainly from 14 Colonel tags at 2,4 mill a pop).

Standing hits were as follows (I have Social 5 though):
+25% in corp standing
+8,75% in faction standing
-6,748% in derived Gallente faction standing (intersting trivia: compared to Fozzy's numbers, it seems that Social 5 ADDS to the negative derived standing too. Sucks...)
-0,02% * 2 Gallente faction for the ship kill(s) (since it took more than the 15 min standing aggregated update, I got two times the -0,02%. Conclusion: DON'T blitz it! It's silly loosing all those nifty tags for the price of a measly 0,02% standing hit.)
Comment by EsotericMind
2011-10-25 19:58:27
After killing group 1, the far groups never came to me even after waiting 10min, they just chilled at 250km. I had to MWD my machariel over to them. Although the size of the blob was intimidating, their entire damage output felt like single BS from around 40km, mission may have been bugged. Took over 2 ticks to finish due to confusion and travel time, but dropped 69M worth of tags.
Comment by JasonTroi
2012-11-25 01:51:43
I killed the Commander and every frigate and nothing ever warped to me. Random chance on each kill of a warp-in, perhaps?
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-03-06 16:26:23
Killed the 1st group with Raven Navy Issue , then let corp-mate in MWD-Deimos lure the other group closer to snipe BS/BC by RNI and let Deimos chew up all smaller ships.

Reward: 4M ISK, Loot: 60M ISK in insignia, 3M ISK in mods/drones/charges and 8M ISK in salvage
Comment by DumbGit
2018-01-30 05:23:52
30 Jan 2018
Super easy to blitz (if you have a long range sniper fit that can target/hit at over 100kms).

The toon that pulled the (storyline) mission was in a frigate and I had another toon in a omni-tanked Navy Scorp.
The Frigate warped the "squad" to 100km and then cancelled warp. The BS landed and was 111km away from the group with the Commander (lock range was 112) ! The "distant" groups were over 300 km away.

Starting lobbing (T2) Inferno Cruise missiles at the Commander (who was in a Megathron) and aligned to a stargate. Took a few vollies to pop the Commander, the mission flagged as completed, BS warped out.
One frigate got to within 70kms by the time I warped.

Obviously not the way to go if you are looking for tags/bounties/loot/salvage but if you just want to get it done and move on, it's very easy.

The BS toon took a -0.002 "Ship Kill" hit to Gallente standings and the toon that pulled the mission took a -0.388 Derived Modification hit to her Gallente standings, balanced out by the +0.90 boost to her Caldari standings.

(Plus the 2.85 mil isk in mission reward/bonus isk as well.)
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