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======The Damsel in Distress, Level 3======

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Faction: **Mercenaries**
Mission Type: **Encounter** //(You may set a bookmark "Warp Within" to establish a safe distance)//
Space Type: **Normal Space**
Damage Received: **All Types, Heavy Thermal & Kinetic**
Extras: **Structure deals Area of Effect damage when blown up**
Recommended Damage Dealing: **Kinetic**
Recommended Ships: **Any battlecruiser, assault frigate or HAC, fast cruiser for blitzing**
Video of blitz:

====Single Pocket====
Located in 3 areas
Mass aggro on warp in

===Group 1===
8x Frigates (Pleasure Hub Patroller/Kruul's Henchman)
4x Crusiers (Pleasure Hub Guardian)
1x Kruul

===Reinforcement Spawn===
Spawn appears when you attack Kruul
4x Frigates (Pleasure Hub Patroller)
5x Cruisers (Pleasure Hub Guardian)

If you blow up the Pleasure Hub before you kill Kruul or if you kill him in one hit, he won't be able to call in reinforcements.
The damage can get intense you may consider warping in at 50km to snipe.

Destroy the pleasure hub, grab the damsel and head home.

There is many ways to do this mission, but this video shows the only real way to blitz it.

Pleasure Hub drops 10 tourists or janitors
Other structures have no loot

0.9 mil

3 mil

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