Data Mining, Level 2

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter / Mining
Mining: 2000 units of Scordite (300m³)
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal

Single Pocket

Wave 1

Warps in when 2000 units of Scordite have been mined:
2 x Imperial Donus (Cruiser)
5 x Imperial Matendi (Frigate)

Wave 2

Warps in on destruction or near destruction of previous wave:
6 x Imperial Disciple (Frigate)

Wave 3

Warps in on destruction or near destruciton of previous wave:
2 x Imperial Mathura (Cruiser)

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Comment by LaDha
2008-11-24 16:39:30
I think this mission has changed as i didn't even get the through the first spawn before the second arrived i ended up with 4 bcs shooting me as well as the frig all at once.
Comment by VorPaladin
2008-12-20 15:04:37
Two things:

1) This is not just an Amarr mission. I'm playing the Caldari version of the mission right now.
2) There is a bug in the initial spawn trigger. If you use drones to mine, the spawns will never happen. You MUST mine with a ship mounted module (like a mining laser) in order to trigger spawn 1. I went in with mining drones ONLY. After mining and waiting around for half an hour (I was doing other RL stuff too), I refitted with a mining laser. Used it on an asteroid, and voila! Spawn 1 appeared!
Comment by DropDrop
2009-01-18 15:30:12
Two other things:

1) You can't go on the mission with a battlecruiser (gate restriction). I suggest a cruiser. With a destroyer is nearly impossible.
2) In order to complete the mission you need to MINE & KILL all the enemies.
Comment by Everen1
2009-09-05 16:49:39
A away to avoid getting swamped by all enemies at the same time. It has worked for me twice.

Warp in and fly to an asteroid far away from the gate entrance point, and start mining. When the first enemy shows warp out.
Warp in again. Enemies are far away enough to take them out from a distance - at least a couple of them before the have closed in on you.
Try to fight them far away from the gate entrance point in case you have to warp out and then go in again.
Comment by JbRogers
2010-02-06 21:36:21
I'm running this from Minmatar Agent Olmel Nabeter.
Strip Miners work.
Only two waves, unless 2 and 3 were simultaneous. One of the bigger ships had a tracking disrupter.
My Cruiser handled this with no problems. Didn't bother with an aggro strategy, they all targeted me at once, wiped 'em out.
Stick around and mine, the rocks are huge.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-06-07 18:30:49
FACTION BALANCING: A fellow University member, Athanor Ruthoern, tells me that she got three different standing losses with the Amarr Empire because of this mission, all for "Combat - Ship Kill" (I think it took her some time to finish the mission on her own):

Comment by ZoltanLazar
2011-08-22 10:21:08
It seems they fixed the drone mining thing, worked fine for me.
Comment by JogFi2002
2012-06-03 22:56:05
yes, it can be mined with mining drones now, works well.
Comment by DrXenocide
2015-01-24 10:18:10
No Amarr standings loss for clearing all ships. Roids can be mined with mining drones. Enemies spawn on a timer (2-3 minutes) not on completion of mining 2000 scordite.
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