Deadly Arrival, Level 2

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Faction: Caldari Navy (Triggers and Static), Amaar Navy (Reinforcements)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal (MWD's work)
Damage dealt: Kin/EM/Therm (Heavy damage over time from sentries - hard to armor tank)
Reccomended damage dealing: Therm/Kin/Exp
Completed in: Prophecy, Catalyst

Single Pocket

Giant heap of junk at warp in - zoom out before warping in if you have a laggy PC, and be careful to leave the junk pile before killing the trigger.

Spawn 1

4x caldari Sentry Tower
2x Caldari Stasis Tower
1x State Katana (Trigger)

Spawn 2

4-6 Amaar Navy Destroyers of two types

Spawn 3
Arrives after most of Spawn 2 is destroyed

4x Caldari Sentry Tower
2x Caldari Stasis Tower
1x State Wakizashi (Trigger)

Spawn 4

4-6 Amarr Destroyers of two types.


Approach wreck within 15km. Wait for notice that mission is complete. No engagement needed.

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Comment by NaBeRa
2008-06-11 02:34:12
Mission is finished with the first spawn appearing.
Comment by DragonBlue
2008-12-04 18:23:59
that would be a State Wakizashi ... not Vakizashi :)
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2009-10-23 03:00:21
As long as you use the Blitz approach, you do not get any standing losses with the Caldari or Amarr.
Comment by MarvinTpa
2009-10-30 09:15:40
No asteroids to mine.
Blitz works well, just warp in, bookmark, warp out, warp to 10 on your bookmark, wait a moment, your local chat will report that you are done, warp away.
Comment by WhiteSky
2009-11-27 22:25:31
I did this in an unshielded speed boat Atron (Condor type) with one 1nm afterburner and two nanofiber internal structures (1132 ms). I simply warped in, zoomed past the shuttle wreck being careful not to get fouled in the junk. In local they came on shooting, and second later it said I was done. Hit the dock on a prepared station (that was on the clear side of the junk) and was gone before they punched half my little shield.
Comment by MarcellusFancypants
2010-07-31 11:06:33
As the name would imply, the stasis tower will webify you.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-11-04 02:34:03
Another way to blitz this mission is to use a cloak. I used a Covert Ops cloak, warped into mission area cloaked and approached the Ruins. When the journal flashed, warped out.
Comment by ChianDorado
2011-03-04 08:32:47
As long as you don't kill any of the Caldari assets there is no standings impact with the Caldari faction. Just approach, get the mission completion message and turn it in.
Comment by MalMasters
2012-09-01 05:30:23
The approach distance is 10km for blitz.
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-01-14 14:10:54
I couldn't "bookmark, warp out, warp to 10 on your bookmark." Everytime I did that it took me to the beacon. But I was able to do the blitz with no problem.
As long as you don't kill/shoot at anyone, your standings wont go down.
Comment by SuperFrank
2013-02-11 18:03:44
Watch out for the structure as its perfectly possible to get stuck on it, and for the game to bug out while you're trying to warp away, losing you your ship.
Comment by CinTek
2015-01-06 19:29:35
confirming blitz still works. completed easily in a probe with a 1mn mwd and overdrive. (3100+ m/s) flew right into the wreck (oops...cant exactly stop on a dime lol) less speed i think would have been better. when mission completed, i just warped out. took out about 1/2 my shields but that is likely because i got much too close.
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