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Deadly Arrival, level 3

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Faction: Caldari & Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: All kinds
Recommended damage dealing: Therm / Kin (Exp works too)
Recommended ships: Drake, Hurricane

Single Pocket

Warp In Point: 40-50km from Ruins.
Approaching the ruins to 15km distance triggers the first spawn and completes the mission.
All spawns aggro.

First Wave: (40km around you)

5x Tower Sentry Caldari I
5x Caldari Point Defense Battery
2x Caldari Stasis Tower
2x State Wakizashi (Caldari Heron) -- TRIGGER (one trigger second wave, the other one triggers the third wave)

Second Wave:

4x Imperial Deacon (Amarr Coercer)
2x Imperial Exarp (Amarr Coercer)

Third Wave:

4x Imperial Caius (Amarr Coercer)
2x Imperial Crusader (Amarr Coercer)

Warp in, destroy sentries first using kinetic damage, kill the two caldari frigates, switch to EM and thermal, kill amarr, and loot :D

Align somewhere past the ruins so you pass within 15km of them. Warp out and head home as soon as the first sentries spawn. (Shuttle works.)

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