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Deadly Arrival, level 3

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Faction: Caldari & Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: All kinds
Damage to deal: Therm / Kin (Exp works too)
Completed in Drake (Somal Thunder)
Completed in Hurricane (El'essar Viocragh)

WTZ: 40km from ruins
At about 15km distance to the ruins the mission is complete.
This triggers the first spawn.
All spawns aggro.

First Wave:

40km around you
5x Tower Sentry Caldari I
5x Caldari Point Defense Battery
2x Caldari Stasis Tower
2x State Wakizashi (Caldari Heron) -- TRIGGER (one trigger second wave, the other one triggers the third wave)

Second Wave:

4x Imperial Deacon (Amarr Coercer)
2x Imperial Exarp (Amarr Coercer)

Third Wave:

4x Imperial Caius (Amarr Coercer)
2x Imperial Crusader (Amarr Coercer)

Tip on how to complete it:
Warp in, destroy sentries first using kinetic damage, kill the two caldari frigates, switch to EM and thermal, kill amarr, and loot :D

Blitz: Warp in a shuttle. Wait for the message, warp out.
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