Deadly Serious, Level 5

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Web/Scramble/Damp
Web/Scramble: Yes (second pocket)
Recommended damage dealing: Kin / Therm
Recommended ships: A good group with tank/dmg dealer/remote rep

First Pocket

When you warp in, there are two groups of 10 battleships. One is near the gate (~30km), the other is farther (60-70km). They don't seem to aggro immediately, but shooting or approaching the gate will get their attention.

Initial Spawn

10x Battleships (Federation Praktor/Pith-type)

Second spawn (appears after final battleship from initial spawn is destroyed)

7x Battleships ("Decloaked" Federation battleships)

Second Pocket

Initial spawn
8x Elite Frigates (2x Lixa, 2x Matar, 4x Phalarica) (Stas/Scramble/Damp)
14x Battleships (7x Praktor Hyperion, 2x Praktor Hexeris, 4x Praktor Phanix, 1x Prak Nav Prae)

Second Spawn (after about 5 minutes)

3x Elite Frigates (3x Matara) (Stasis/Scram/Damp)
6x Battlecruisers (3x Pith Death Dealer, 3x Pith Assassin)
22x Battleships (7x Helepolis, 1x Nav Longa, 1x Prak Nav Prae, 3x Xenan, 5x Covinus, 3x Prak Praeses, 2x Prak Phanix)

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Comment by SinjiSin
2009-08-12 15:05:29
Trigger on first pocket - approaching to the gate.
Comment by SaraRayne
2009-10-17 05:18:09
I only got 2 ships to spawn in the first pocket, not 7.
Comment by BreborFaydhe
2009-11-15 22:39:16
Number of Decloaked ship in First Pocket randomly.
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