Denial Of Reconnaissance, level 1

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Fri, 17 Nov 2017 14:20 UTC

Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Combat
Space type: Normal space no gates
Damage dealt: EM
Extras: Elite Federation Arcus (Elite Frigate)
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Video: Merlin

You will have to wait a few minutes for him to show up.

Comment by Klann2
2010-02-16 14:36:36
Elite Federation Pelekus arrives - Has Federatio Navy Sergeant III Tags
Comment by Dethbringer1
2010-11-02 11:33:07
Anyone have the standings hit from this mission?
Comment by LuigiVanCarlos
2010-11-29 00:00:23
If I am reading it correctly, the standings hit is -0.1906%
Comment by WilemButtslap
2014-03-29 12:40:42
He took best damage from Kinetic.
Comment by DumbGit
2017-12-24 02:09:11
24 Dec 2017
A single Elite Federation Arcus frigate arrives shortly after you warp in.

The wreck contains a single Federation Navy Sergeant Insignia III tag (worth less than 50,000 isk).
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