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Drones (relative rank 3/10)

Comment by KrixBee
2013-08-03 15:55:38
Done in a Tristan with 5x Hobgoblin I and modes drone skills, very easy but there is a lot of small fry to shoot.

At least two waves, maybe three. Last one has a Sentient Devilfish Alvi, from which I got 1x Logic Circuit + 55x Drone Capillary Fluid.

Aproximately 275k from bounties and 2m loot & salvage

I had the following show up:

Hunter Alvi x4
Decimator Alvi x4
Shatter Alvior x3
Sunder Alvi x1
Devilfish Alvi x1
Infester Alvi x1
Sentient Devilfish Alvi x1
Barracuda Alvi x1
Mammon Apis x2
Belphegor Apis x2
Ripper Alvior x4
Marauder Alvior x2
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