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====Drone Detritus, Level 1====

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Faction: Rogue drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds
Reccomended damage dealing: EM
Required ship types: Cruiser, Frigate, Destroyer, Noob ship
Completed with: Kestrel

===Single Pocket===
You warp in on top of a Drone Bunker (refered to as Bunker 1), with another to your lower right (refered to as Bunker 2). Total of 4 structures in the pocket: 2x Drone bunkers, 1x "Drone Structure 1" and 1x "Infested station ruins". None of the structures gave loot.

==Spawn 1==
Aggro on warp in - spawns at Bunker 1

5x Alvi- class drones (Renders and Splinters)
1x Wrecker Alvum

==Spawn 2==
Spawns at Bunker 2, no aggro until you approach

10x Apis / Alvis
1x destructor Alvum (Trigger)

==Spawn 3==
Spawns at Bunker 2

2x Wrecker Alvum (Triggers)

==Spawn 4==
Spawns at bunker 2

3x Alvi- class drones (Decimators and Renders) (Triggers)

==Spawn 5==
Spawns at the Infested Station Ruins

5x Alvi- class drones (Infestors and Splinters)

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