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Drone Horde

Faction: Rouge Drones
Damage dealt: Various (see below)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ships: Carrier or Battleship.

This anomaly has two different versions, each Horde will be one or the other. I refer to these as the "Bunker Version" and the "Last Rat Version" - I named these based on how you trigger the next wave in them. Refer to the images below to see which version you are doing.

Bunker Version


Tower Version

[insert image here]

Bunker Version

Please refer to the image below to see how I have numbered the bunkers. The bunkers almost form a circle expect for 2 emply slots, if you view them so the face the top of the screen and then count each bunker from left to right, 1 to 4.


Initial Wave

Each horde is different and will contain a random mix of the following:

Battleships: 5 - 7 (Alvus Queen's / Matriarch Alvus)
Cruisers: 1-2 (Enforcer Alvatis / Deafeater Alvatis)
Frigates: 5 Frigates (Predator Alvior / Strain Infester Alvi / Strain Raider Alvi / Strain Render Alvi / Marauder Alvior / Strain Splinter Alvi / Strain Sunder Alvi / Dismantler Alvior)
There may
Sentry Towers: 4 (Tower Entry Drone III x 3, Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry II x 1)
The Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry II has a range of 250km and will neut you for 20.0 GJ/s. Consult you fitting tool of choice to see if you need to make this a primary target. Personally I use an abbadon which can withstand the neut but I must turn off one repper every now and then.

Damage Distribution:

As the rats are random, damage can vary.

EM: 0% - 9%
Explosive: 38% - 50%
Kinetic: 15% - 17%
Thermal: 25% - 50%
Total DPS: ~5000

Bunker 1

Bunker 2

Bunker 3

Bunker 4

Last Rat Version

Initial Wave

Wave 1

Wave 2

Wave 3

Wave 4

Wave 5

Wave 6

Wave 7
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