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Drone Infestation, The, Level 2

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Thermal, EM
Recommended damage dealing: EM
Recommended ships: Frigate, Cruiser
Recommended generic setup: Long Range Drones or Close Range DPS

Objective requires Large Collidable Structures to see on overview.

Single pocket

Group 1 (45km)

4x Drones (Infester Alvi, Belphegor Apis)

Group 2 (50km)

4x Drones (Sunder Alvi, Decimator Alvi)

Group 3 (70km)

4x Drones (Render Alvi, Splinter Alvi)
2x Drone Light Missle Battery, Flameburst Light Missles

Group 4
4x Drones (Shatter Alvior, Destructor Alvum)
Destroy silo (53km), warp out
Mineable Asteroids
11x Veldspar, 1x Scordite
Ruined Stargate, Tower, Walls: None drop loot
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