Duo of Death, Level 3

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Faction: Sansha Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Webbing: 2x Spider drone I
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal (Some Kin / Exp from towers)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm

Pocket 1

Acceleration gate to pocket 2, no ships

Pocket 2

Mass aggro on warp in
Spider drones orbit at 7,500m away @ 450 m/s
Last destroyed battlecruiser drops mission loot

Group 1: (40km)

2x Spider Drone I
2x Tower Sentry Sansha I (EM/Therm primary, slight Kin/Exp secondary)
2x Battlecruisers (Centatis Daemon/Behemoth)


Sansha Bunker sometimes drops ammo.


Bounty : ~352,500 ISK
Loot : ~55k ISK (EVE estimated value, including salvage)


26 Veldspar asteroids, 39-106km away from entry point

Comment by EchoVector
2008-10-28 14:48:34
Easily doable in a Hulk, then you can mine the juicy roids before turning in the mish.............why waste a freebie? :)
Comment by SyzGre
2009-04-12 20:54:50
Done in Navy Omen. 5 Hobgoblins vs the Spider Drones kills them quickly and the rest is no big deal. Very easy mission.
Comment by AmarrianCynicism
2009-10-13 01:47:16
Very easy mission, completed in typical Harbinger setup.
Comment by DrXenocide
2013-06-26 09:29:31
Tried it in a Procurer with a small shield extender and a medium shield booster. Tank would not hold once they get in range. Roids are too far away to use strip miners upon warp in , just not worth it in a mining barge.
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