Duo of Death, level 4

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates

Damage dealt: EM, Therm, Kin
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Therm; Max Orbit 50km

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Spider Drone I
Recommended ships: Battlecruiser

Single Pocket

Auto aggro.
6x Spider Drones I Webifier/ Warp Disruptor
2x Battleship (Corpus Pope)

Spider Drones swarm within seconds and orbit at 7.5km.

Loot and Bounty
Bounty: 2.4 mil.

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Comment by ByronMacpeiron
2009-03-26 17:03:16
Quick. Easy. As long as you didn't want to move. Mission completes without killing spider drones. Not much reward.
Comment by JessicaJennings
2009-05-22 11:03:03
Bunker dropped loot for me so i guess structures may drop loot
Comment by TrabberShir
2009-07-19 01:53:58
How is it quick? The rat carrying the "Special Delivery" orbits at 50km.
2009-08-05 10:21:55
27x Scordite Asteroids (162,750 m3), consisting of:

7x 90,000 Pcs
9x 50,000 Pcs
11x 25,000 Pcs
Comment by GouvViki
2009-08-11 14:46:41
Bunker dropped 1 'Multifrequency L' for me, other Structures didnt drop anything.
Comment by BillySastard
2009-09-23 20:11:27
Did this in a paladin with tachyons and it went extremely fast. Took out the spiders with lite drones and used gamma crystals in the lasers. Only slow part was going the 10km to get in range to tractor the wrecks of the popes.
Comment by DasRufken
2010-02-06 01:54:15
manged to do this in a thorax with T2 fittings... was a bit scary untill i popped the spider drones... had to overload my low slots.
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