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Enemies Abound, Level 4

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Mobs do EM / Thermal / Kinetic damages
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Part 4 of 5

Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm/Kin
Web:Gallente Navy Delta II Support Frigate.Roden Shipyard Interceptor
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended Ships: Dominix, Drake

Safe to warp in as there's an acceleration gate into the mission dead space.

Pocket 1

Warp in

Everything Aggros

2x Battleships( Navy Orion)
5x Interceptors (Gallente Navy Delta II Support Frigate,Web)
3x Frigate (Gallente Navy Officer)

Drones don't aggro and are not attacked by non attacked groups

Pocket 2

Group 1 (Aggro)

2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron)

Group 2

2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron)
1x Battleships (Gallente Navy Dominix)

Group 3

2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Dominix)
1x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron)

Bunkers drop loot

Pocket 3

Drones are attacked by non attacked groups

Group 1 (Aggro)

1x Battleships (Roden Shipyard Orion)
4x Frigates (Roden Shipyard Officer) - fires EM heavy missiles (possibly assault missiles).
2x Interceptor (Roden Shipyard Interceptor, Web)
3x Sentry guns (Gallente Sentry Guns III) (50-70K Bounty)

Group 2

3x Battleships (Roden Shipyard Megathron)
5x Interceptor (Roden Shipyard Interceptor, Web)
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