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======Enemies Abound, Level 4======
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=====Part 4 of 5=====

Faction: Gallente Federation.
Mission type: Encounter.
Space type: Deadspace.
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm (Some EM by Gallente Navy Officer.)
Web: Gallente Navy Delta II Support Frigates, Roden Shipyard Interceptors.
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin.
Recommended Ship Classes: Battleship, Command SHip, HAC, Strategic Cruiser.

Video: [[ | Navy Raven]][[ | CNR]]

====Pocket 1====

Approx 5km to warp gate

===Single Group (Auto-Aggro 30km)===
2x Battleships(Navy Orion.)
5x Interceptors (Gallente Navy Delta II Support Frigate.) **(Web)**
3x Frigate (Gallente Navy Officer.)

There is 4X25k scordite and 21X50k veldspar asteroids in the area. (A bit spread out.)

====Pocket 2====
Drones don't aggro and are not attacked by non attacked groups.

Approx 40km to warp gate. Approaching the gate will cause full aggro.

===Group 1 (Auto-Aggro 10km)===
2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron.)

===Group 2 (35km)===
2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron.)
1x Battleships (Gallente Navy Dominix.)

===Group 3 (35km)===
2x Battleships (Gallente Navy Dominix.)
1x Battleships (Gallente Navy Megathron.)

Some Bunkers may drop loot.

====Pocket 3====
Drones are attacked by non attacked groups.
Mission is marked as complete after the destruction of the Roden Shipyard Factory Station. (**Note:** The station has very high HP, at least 250k)

===Group 1 (Auto-Aggro 5-15km)===
1x Battleships (Roden Shipyard Orion.)
2x Interceptor (Roden Shipyard Interceptor.) **(Web)**

===Group 2 (45-60km)===
4x Frigates (Roden Shipyard Officer.) **(Heavy EM missiles)**
3x Sentry guns (Gallente Sentry Guns III) (50-70K Bounty.)

===Group 3===
3x Battleships (Roden Shipyard Megathron.)
5x Interceptor (Roden Shipyard Interceptor.) **(Web)**

==Mineable Asteroid info==
32 Veldspar asteroids yielding 279,049 units of Veldspar.

- Eliminate all ships in pockets 1 and 2
- Destroy the Roden Factory Station (250k+ HP), warp out

Killing The Factory Station incurs a -2.4% standing hit as well as you will take a -2.4% standing hit for killing the bunkers and the "Officer" frigates in the first room pocket.

__Tags to be looted:__

Federation Navy Command Sergeant Major I x 7
Federation Navy Fleet Colonel I x 3
Federation Navy Fleet Colonel II x 17
Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant II x 10
Federation Navy Fleet Sergeant III x 2

==Loot + Salvage==

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