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Enemy...Minmatar Republic
Tank...48% EX, 25% KN, 16% EM, 10% TH
Recommended Tanking Scheme...Shield Tank
Shoot...TH/KN (EX for Republic Fleet Darkana)
Mission Summary...
The mission is composed of 6 waves of Republic Fleet ships. Each wave is timed, there is no trigger which means if you have to warp-out, you'd better come back with a few wingmates. The trick is to balance your tank and your damage per second so you don't get swamped. This mission has the potential to throw over 3000dps at you if you don't pay attention, or if you can't keep up. This is possibly the most intense Level 4 mission, you should never have an empty target-queue. Luckily, drones do not draw aggro so you can leave them deployed when the next wave comes in. Most ships are weak to TH/KN damage, the RF Darkanas are weak to EX. The Darkanas should be priority because they fire high-damage Mojlnir (EM) torpedoes at you, as should the Freedom Patriots as they use lasers. I just focussed on the waves and worked on the Stargate afterwards or whenever I had some time between waves. GOOD LUCK!

Ship Used...
Maelstrom [Difficulty: Medium]
WAVE 1 (Half on warp-in, 2nd half after a minute or so)
2x Minmatar Heavy Missile Battery
4x Republic Fleet Rupture
4x Republic Fleet Stabber
1x Republic Fleet Tempest
1x Republic Fleet Typhoon
Total = 0 EM + 467 EX + 327 KN + 25 TH
= 819dps

WAVE 2 (approx. 5 mins)
3x Republic Fleet Officer
1x Republic Fleet Darkana
Total = 58 EM, 98 EX, 32 KN, 0 TH
= 188dps

4x Republic Fleet D-1 Support Frigate
1x Republic Fleet Tempest
2x Republic Fleet Typhoon
Total = 27 EM, 323 EX, 133 KN, 0 TH
= 483dps

4x Republic Fleet Rupture
2x Republic Fleet Typhoon
2x Republic Fleet Darkana
Total = 90 EM, 384 EX, 179 KN, 0 TH
= 653dps

3x Freedom Patriot
3x Freedom Liberty
Total = 148 EM, 25 EX, 54 KN, 280 TH

5x Republic Fleet C-1 Support Frigate
3x Republic Fleet Darkana
Total = 183 EM, 205 EX, 64 KN, 0 TH
= 452dps

Mission Total (EM,EX,KN,TH) = 505, 1502, 789, 305
= 3101dps

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