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======Enemies Abound, Level 4======

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=====Part 5 of 5=====

Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (MWD Works)
Damage dealt: exp 48% / kin 25% / em 16% / therm 10%
Web/scramble: Republic Fleet C-1 (and D-1) Support Frigates
Extras: NOS (Freedom Patriot, Freedom Liberty)
Recommended damage dealing: therm/kin (exp for RF Darkana)
Recommended Ship Classes: T3, Command Ship, Battleship, Marauder
Difficulty: Very Hard
*Drones will be aggroed by reinforcement waves*
HINT: Republic Fleet Darkana Have extremely high shield resist to EM (80%) Therm (70%) Kin (60%) Exp (50%) equip Explosive damage ammo to deal with these ships. They have 0% armor/hull resist to Exp; EM damage is virtually useless and they will regen faster than you can kill them. Use Explosive on the Smugglers Stargate.

Video: [[ | Navy Raven]][[ | Tengu]][[ | CNR]]

====Single Pocket====

6 waves of Republic Fleet ships that warp-in at 4-minute intervals. The first wave (on warp-in) may be split into two groups with the 2nd group warping in shortly after the 1st.

===WAVE 1 (On Warp-in) 30-40km===
2x Heavy Missile Battery
8x Cruiser (4xRepublic Fleet Rupture, 4x Republic Fleet Stabber)
2x Battleship (1x Republic Fleet Tempest, 1x Republic Fleet Typhoon)

==Wave 1 DPS==
0 EM + 467 EX + 327 KN + 25 TH
= 819dps

===WAVE 2 50-55km===
3x Frigate (Republic Fleet Officer)
1x Battleship (Republic Fleet Darkana)

==Wave 2 DPS ==
58 EM, 98 EX, 32 KN, 0 TH
= 188dps

===WAVE 3 55-60km===
4x Frigate (Republic Fleet D-1 Support Frigate)
3x Battleship (1x Republic Fleet Tempest, 2x Republic Fleet Typhoon)

==Wave 3 DPS ==
27 EM, 323 EX, 133 KN, 0 TH
= 483dps

===WAVE 4 90-95km===
4x Cruiser (Republic Fleet Rupture)
4x Battleship (2x Republic Fleet Typhoon, 2x Republic Fleet Darkana)

==Wave 4 DPS==
90 EM, 384 EX, 179 KN, 0 TH
= 653dps

===WAVE 5 60km===
3x Cruiser (Freedom Patriot)
3x Battleship (Freedom Liberty)

==Wave 5 DPS==
148 EM, 25 EX, 54 KN, 280 TH
= 507dps

===FINAL WAVE 35km===
5x Frigate (Republic Fleet C-1 Support Frigate)
3x Battleship (Republic Fleet Darkana)

==Final wave DPS==
183 EM, 205 EX, 64 KN, 0 TH
= 452dps

**Mission Total DPS (EM,EX,KN,TH) = 505, 1502, 789, 305
= 3101dps**

**Blitz**: destroy the Stargate to prevent the Waves from Spawning

Only the Stargate drops loot (standard commodities and some contraband)
Don't forget to destroy the Stargate before warping back to your agent! (**Note:** Stargate has very high HP)
A Bunker and Heavy Missile Battery will hit you with -2.4% faction hit if you destroy them. Only needed hit is -0.02% that occurs with 1 of the Republic Fleet Typhoons

__Tags to be looted:__

Republic Fleet Captain I x 4
Republic Fleet Commander I x 5
Republic Fleet Commander II x 20
Republic Fleet High Captain I x 6
Republic Fleet Private III x 9
Republic Fleet Private V x 3

==Loot + Salvage==

-2.4% for killing Republic Fleet Officer and -2.4% for destroying the stargate. (2 standing ticks for me, waiting for all spawns to show before blowing up the stargate).


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