Evolution, Level 4 (Storyline)

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace

Damage dealt: Omni (varies)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/ Thermal

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Drone Stasis Sentry I, Strain Splinter Alvi
Extras: Neutralizer (Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry I)

Recommended ship classes: Battleship, T3 Cruiser
Recommended generic setup: Passive Tank

Initial Pocket

Single Group

8x Frigate (Worker Drone) Attack Triggers

1st Spawn (74km)

12x Frigate (Strain Splinter Alvi/ Silverfish Alvi/ Strain Silverfish Alvi)
4- 6x Battleship (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch) Trigger
4x Sentry (Drone Cruise Missile Battery/ Drone Stasis Sentry I/ Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry I)

2nd Spawn

4x Battlecruiser (Enforcer Alvatis)
4x Battleships (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch) Trigger

3rd Spawn

4x Cruisers (Strain Disintegrator Alvum)
4x Battleship (Matriarch Alvus/ Albus Queen)

4th Spawn

4x Battlecruiser (Crippler Alvatis)
4x Battleship (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch)

Bonus Pocket

Warning: very high incoming damage.

1st Spawn

5x Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi/ Strain Raider Alvi) Warp Disruptor
4x Cruiser (Striker Alvatis/ Defeater Alvatis/ Crippler Alvatis)
5x Battleship (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch Alvus)

2nd Spawn

5x Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi/ Strain Raider Alvi) Warp Disruptor
3x Cruiser (Striker Alvatis/ Defeater Alvatis/ Crippler Alvatis)
5x Battleship (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch Alvus)

3rd Spawn

5x Frigate (Strain Sunder Alvi/ Strain Raider Alvi) Warp Disruptor
3x Cruiser (Striker Alvatis/ Defeater Alvatis/ Crippler Alvatis)
5x Battleship (Alvus Queen/ Matriarch Alvus)

Spawns appear at one minute intervals. Kill the point first.
A MJD is recommended as warping out may cause a re-spawn.
Incoming damage may exceed 4,000- 6,000 DPS. Fit accordingly.

Optional Approach
Done in a Golem with an XL Shield Boost burst-tank. Align out, hit Bastion and try to keep your shield at 100%. Spawns will hit hard, focus on the Battleships and use Drones to take out the Strain Sunder and Strain Raider Alvis to allow a warp out if necessary. Ship's capacitor stayed above 50%.

Destroy the Infested Station and warp out.

The <Faction> Carrier drops a <Faction> Fleet Rear-Admiral tag.

Loot + Bounty
Loot + Salvage: 1st pocket: ~1.65 mil, bonus pocket: ~5.5 mil.

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Comment by Iniquitious89
2011-01-27 19:47:47
I got 3572 Units of Alloy's and a lot of them actually successfully salvaged, although the Carrier in the second Pocket did not. It did on the other hand have a Caldari Navy Fleet Rear Admiral Insignia on it though current buy orders in metropolis for 5 million.
Comment by ShadowBuns
2011-02-03 16:09:46
The Queen ships will be the biggest inc dmg. Take out the web tower first so you can move, the cruise tower is doing Therm with cruise missiles, the NOS tower sucks at upto 100km so be careful active tankers.

Fit a good Omni-tank then align and kite just in case you need to warp out. Nothing tried to scramble me, but that doesn't mean they couldn't, as usual kill any frigs that get close.
Comment by StoneCutter
2011-02-04 14:19:42
1st room - most spawns for me included Alvus Queen and 3 Matriarch Alvus. next spawn seemed to be triggered by killing the Queen or all but 1 of the Matriarch Alvus.

2nd room - initial spawn was approx 30 seconds after warp in. then groups would spawn every 5 - 10 seconds (est) I only had 10 BS in 2nd room. lots of frigs and cruisers
I did get webbed and scrammed by frigs in 2nd room.
Comment by ZhilPav
2011-03-10 01:32:03
Blitzed on purifier. The structure is weak. But be careful.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2011-03-27 17:34:56
Major attack on warp in. Take out NOS tower first at 75km. Then stasis and missile towers. Use your own drones to take the large swarm of frigate drones who web you down. I used Acolyte II light drones. Move away from warp in point to allow time to remove frigates and keep the battleship class drones away. Use long range ammo to take the towers down fast. I used Republic Fleet Titanium Sabot. Switch to EM or therm for the battleships. Confirm 2nd wave spawns on 2nd to last battleship being destroyed. If you're far enough away the 2nd spawn will not aggro. I was 172 km away when they spawned. I would have had to warp out without my alt shield repping me with 5 large shield rep drones. Done with Maelstrom and alt in a Rattlesnake. Fit with 2 invulnerably. fields each. You don't need a passive tank if you take out the NOS tower as soon as you warp in. If you do go passive you will definitely need someone repping you.
Comment by CmdrTarlton
2011-03-27 17:37:37
Shooting at the infested station aggro'd the 2nd wave. Destroying it completed the mission. Killed 2nd wave so I could come back and salvage. Skipped the bonus room.
Comment by ManBearPig
2011-04-14 14:19:35
Hard mission, ran it with cnr with a friend in a geddon helping;
1x em
1x therm
2x invuln
a dread x-large booster
and had my salvage alt's noctis fitted with 2 meta 4 large shield transporters(1 on perm, other pulsed) and that was just about enough to tank the last pocket.

Overall the loot and salvage sold for 45mil(hell yeah!)

The carrier in the bonus pocket dropped over 500 militants and over 500 small arms aswell as a meta3 damage control and 5mil tag

Only got scrammed by a couple of frigs in the first wave of the first room, nothing after that.
Comment by FoxFrost
2011-05-22 03:13:28
Lost my ship thanks to the absolute lack of information in this article.

Be warned - 2nd room has scrambling and insane incoming DPS. Don't attempt unless you have a very strong tank or back up.
Comment by JennvanaaSallen
2011-05-22 16:24:49
Did this in an Active Tank Vargur. Killed the Neut sentry before it even hit 15% of my cap (Thanks for the warning). First spawn (not the workers) came before I even targeted a worker drone. I received only the tag from the carrier wreck.

Spawn 3 was skipped entirely for me (Spawn 2 triggered what is listed as Spawn 4), but that might have been because I killed the infested station during Spawn 1, not really sure.

I was nervous about Pocket 2, but I aligned as soon as I arrived and started picking off frigs as they approached. The ships arrived in very rapid waves. I had my drones kill the frigs while concentrated on lowering the incoming DPS from the BS. There was no ewar in the 2nd pocket for me (maybe I got lucky popping the incoming frigs), so even though my shield was losing ground early on (but it never got below 40%), there was no real danger.

Best part - 48% corp standing, 12% Faction.
Comment by Panch0Villa
2011-05-26 02:34:54
Completed in a standard fit AC Machariel (+Pith C-type XLSB) + noob alt in an Augoror for cap.

First room, killed off stasis towers and neut towers, was able to manage incoming DPS with my shieldtank but it helped to speedtank. Split off weapons into two groups to take down frigates more effectively, took them out in order near to far and had no problems with tackle. The only Oh-Sh*t moment was landing until the web/neut towers were down and I was picking off the tacklers.

Second room: I landed, didn't see any rats at first, started my mach off towards a station. When rats spawned, they were all around, I had to remove tacklers again with 2x grouped guns. DPS from the 10x or so BS was significant, I was forced to use a combination of speedtank and shieldtank to mitigate, however once tacklers were gone the room was manageable. I did not have to warp my mach out, however if you are in a slower ship that can't speedtank, be prepared with a rr or heavy tank.

The Oh-Sh*t moment in 2nd room lasted from the rats spawning within 20k of me until the tacklers were clear and I was away from the blob. Approx 8-10 tackler frigs between the 3/4 waves that i saw.
Comment by CathyDrall
2011-06-13 04:38:42
Easily blitzable with a long range ship; doable within 30 seconds with a Tengu, the infested station has very little hp.
Rats spawn quite far away, plenty of time to shoot the webbers and towers first.
Comment by SereBren
2011-08-11 21:56:01
Passive shield tank Myrmidion works well for this (all lows Shield Power Relay, Core defense purgers in the rigs, and 2-3 large shield extenders). Still, it is a good idea to put the stasis tower and NOS tower out as early as possible. With passive hardeners and good shield skills, though, this one is a breeze.

Make it go faster with omnilinks and kinetic drones (Hornet, Vespa, Wasp/Warden). Use small drones (on small and medium enemy drones first) until you have destroyed the two towers, then you can switch to heavy drones/ sentries. Drones may see aggro, but not much and it is easily manageable (usually when a spawn comes in).

Auto aggro in the first room includes scrambling and webbing drones, so take them out first (the webbers slow you down even more, and it's always a good idea to keep your "warp door" open). Try not to target/fire at the worker drones, doing so will invite the next spawn (if you have good skills, though, you can handle it).

DPS with a passive Myrm isn't that great, so you will probably want to loot and salvage the first room before moving on to the second.
Comment by AntraMan
2011-08-28 23:55:26
Might be worth noting the standing gains and hits upon completion of this mission...

+9.0% to Caldari
+6.15% to Amarr (derived)
-3.389% to Gallente (derived)
-1.824% to Minmatar (derived)

I didn't realise it was a storyline until later when checking my standings. I don't remember if it said so or not...I usually decline storylines...<shrug>
Comment by LolesChech
2011-11-26 08:49:09
Can someone confirm the standings hit? I can't find any additional information anywhere and the mission description doesn't suggest Empire factions being involved.
Comment by MaurriK
2011-11-28 11:16:20
Did this in a standard HM tengu with omni damage and EM missiles due to the resist on some of the drones. Mission was incredibly easy but took a little time to bring down all the BS.
Comment by MaurriK
2011-11-28 11:42:58
Example Loot:
322x Condensed Alloy 299xCrystal Compound
107x Dark Compound 493x Gleaming Alloy
628x Glossy Compound 150x Lucent Compound
38x Lustering Alloy 58x Motley Compound
119 x Opulent Compound 1054x Plush Compound
500x Precious Alloy 209x Sheen Compound
Total= 51,131,500

valuable Salvage:
5x Alloyed Tritanium Bars 2x Armor Plates
38x Burned Logic Circuit 23x Fried Interface Circuit
3x Melted Capacitor Console 54x Tripped Power Circuit
2x Ward Console
Total = ~3,800,000

Federation Navy Fleet Rear-Admiral tag = 5,000,000

Salvage/Loot Total= ~59,931,500 isk

Also confirm the standing hit towards gallente and minimtar.
Comment by JaneDoe
2011-12-28 18:48:35
Did this mission for Sisters of Eve, here I got a standings hit towards amarr/cal and a boost toward gal/min.
Comment by OptientR
2012-03-23 01:02:15
Did the math for incoming dps in bonus room: EM 335, Exp 515, Kin 530, Therm 492 (Approximate depending on spawns)
Comment by KartofiusAlAndalus
2012-04-13 10:25:39
pocket 1: 2350 m³ loot and salvage
spawn 2: 4 medium, 5 large
spawn 3: 3 medium, 4 large

how i'll do it next time in dominix:
1. let infiltrators kill the neutralizer/cruise tower couple first as i needed to slow down to stay in range anyway
2. stasis/cruise tower couple
3. e-war smalls
4. engage the afterburner and run away from the larges
now it's easy
5. kill all other smalls
6. switch to praetors and kill the larges
7. kill the spawns

confirmed second to last trigger

pocket 2: messed it up too :) what happened:
1. short while after i warped in something like 5 small, 5 medium and 5 large hostiles spawned, which all auto-aggroed - these looked like two groups
2. i ran the opposite direction, started the afterburner and got ready to release the praetors
3. about 3 small and 4 large hostiles spawned where i was heading about 20km from me
4. i aligned to something, decided the hint (see up) is wrong and launched the infiltrators to clear the smalls as i feared some scram is coming
5. after the first small went down more hostiles spawned - i guess this was the spawn 2 5/5/5 (see the hint in question) as my overview filled with reds
6. recalled the drones, warped out

i am looking forward to get this mission again and panic less ;)

faction gain/hit confirmed:
caldari +9
amarr +6
minmatar -2.12
gallente -4.87
Comment by AuntTom
2012-05-04 05:42:11
just did this mission in 0.0 space in the active-tanked tengu.

Pocket 1. Spawn 1 deploys in a seconds after warp-in, not triggered by any kill. Neut and stasis towers both have pretty low hitpoints so they are no problem if you start to shoot them immediately. Incoming damage sometimes was quite heavy but speed-tank works well (in fact most part of time I orbit gate to pocket 2 with my AB switched on). Strain Disintegrator Alvum looks like the best damage dealers of all.

Pocket 2. Nothing special. Just be prepared. As soon as you warp in, start to run towards any object using your afterburner. Sort npc by type and shoot 'strain ... alvi'. I wasn't scrambled or webbed in this pocket, may be because all scramblers or webbers died first. After this you can do anything what you want. Overall damage looks lower than in Pocket 1.

And finally - overall bounty was 35 million. No loot of course. And I saved lives of 535 Marines (along with Basic(!) damage control) from Minmatar carrier wreck
Comment by JackyChan
2012-06-22 15:34:52
For my experience, ran mission twice, both times got FULL ROOM SPAWN in pocket 2 a short time after warping in. They hit pretty hard, especially since they spawn at their perfect shooting range.
I also got two different carrier wrecks on two missions iterations for the same agent (Amarr and Gallente).
Comment by SydneyACE
2012-07-22 22:50:50
Does anyone know if this mission can be farmed?

Just completed it would like to know if I can hit it again after downtime or if I should just turn it-in for the bonus ISK.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2012-08-17 10:40:32
No standing hit here.
Comment by EveDawn
2012-09-05 19:14:25
Yes this mission can be farmed just dont destroy the station in first pocket.
This was an good mission for me.. farmed it once per day for 6 days in a Golem or Rattlesnake with good skills can solo without needing any warpouts. aprox $32mil + salvage &
1 Rear-Admiral tag in carrier wreck each time.
Comment by EveDawn
2012-09-05 20:53:06
+ Standings increase of 45% to Corporation & 9% faction. No negative standings hit from what I could see.
Comment by MendRys
2012-11-24 02:05:25
The spawns on the bonus level just came, no triggers. The DPS is rather high so as mentioned before, a good tank that does good dps to take out the drone BS's quickly is a must. There will be major faction standings gain/loss upon completion as in all storyline missions. Here is the breakdown from the one I completed:

Caldari State: +9.375
Amarr Empire: +4.91
Gallente Federation: -7.075
Minmatar Republic: -3.037
Comment by BiaaTch
2013-07-28 19:26:59
Be warned the bonus pocket info is OUTDATED and INCORRECT as of July 2013. The first group spawned after about 20 seconds, and ALL remaining waves spawned together after that without touching a single strain sunder alvi. Luckily I tanked just long enough to kill frigs scrambling me to warp out, and get prepared with my alt in an Augorer to feed cap.

Completed pocket 2 in a Navy Raven with 2 invul, em and thermic active shield tank. My alt held no agro with 2 hardeners, medium armor rep, afterburner and one medium power injector. As soon as I activated second cap injector, I got agro from small ships, but never lost all shields with afterburn running orbiting my main.

Please take care, I hope this page gets updated... not sure many individuals in a regular battleship could solo this without losing a ship.
Comment by LolesChech
2013-07-31 10:49:25
Anyone tried bonus room with a MJD + snipping?
Comment by AremonMoonserpent
2013-09-28 12:53:25
Just blitzed it with my humble T2-fitted Golem. Station is some 22 km from warp-in, rats 70+ km. Pretty sure that all the frigs were already there, rest spawned seconds thereafter. Aligned, locked neut tower and station, blew them up and warped out. DPS is decent (slowly broke my tank) but if you're just into it for the standings it's an easy one.

As for these: Did it for the Minmatar, standing hits as follows...
Min + 9%
Gal + 3.48 %
Cal - 2.07 %
Amarr - 4.26 %
Comment by GrimDark
2013-11-07 20:05:39
I just did the bonus room with an MJDing standard Raven mission fit. MJD really makes survival in any mission trivial. Took a long time to kill the 15 battleships though. I can only imagine how brutal this pocket must have been before MJDs existed, possibly the highest unavoidable incoming DPS of all missions? Plenty of other notorious missions are only "hard" when you mess up, aggro too much.

I did it for Brutor Tribe, i got a Minmatar carrier wreck in the bonus pocket (Republic Fleet Navy Rear-Admiral Insigna, and some named shield hardener). The wreck behaves like a real wreck in all respects, can be tractored and salvaged.

Standing hits for me:
Brutor +28.75
Minmatar +8.63
Gallente +6.02

Ammatar -5.30
Syndicate -4.83
Serpentis -4.66
Khanid -3.89
Angel Cartel -3.75
Amarr -3.08
Caldari -1.47
Comment by DaniBw0i
2013-11-21 08:26:11
I just blitzed this in a 32k ehp basic omni-buffer fit Caracal with mediocre skills and T2 HAMs (410dps with Rage). Infested Station is 22km from warp in. Immediately approached it, got 2 AB cycles off before i was webbed. Just enough to get me well in range of the station. Took it down in like 30 seconds. Wasn't scrammed, warped out with 40% shields and about 35% cap left. Btw, whichever standing boost/loss u take depends on ur current standing as well so it'll vary for everyone.
Comment by XentaraVispari
2014-03-26 17:42:48
Mission reward after removal of drone compounds:
bounty: 34.8 M
tags: 5 M
salvage: 1.8 M
total: 41.6 M

mission time: ~40 min (Kronos with ~900 DPS)
Comment by MaximusAerelius
2015-01-20 19:14:57
Just farmed this mission for the 2nd day in a MJD fitted Golem with Nighthawk providing links. Shield Hardeners used: Exp and Kin. A lot of DPS on this one. I generally MJD out to 100km and snipe at them while tinkering my fit via a Mobile Depot.

Came away with a Supplemental EM Ward Amplifier from the Fleet Harkal Carrier wreck. EVE Market Price: 50-129mil.
Meta Damage Controls have dropped every time @ 8-10mil.
Salvage: 1.6mil
Tags: Republic Fleet Navy Rear-Admiral Insigna @ 5mil
Bounties: 33mil.

All in a damn good day at 100mil.

TOP TIP: If you're doing this mission on behalf of another account\character get them to pod warp to the agent bookmark and bookmark it. Then share it as it's in the same place every time. :)
Comment by MaximusAerelius
2015-01-21 19:59:20
Farmed this mission again (Day 3/7) and was surprised find an Amarr Carrier wreck in the 2nd Room. Previous carrier wrecks have been Caldari and Minmatar.

Loot\Modules: None this time.
Salvage: 2.9mil
Tags: Imperial Navy Rear-Admiral Insigna @ 5mil
Bounties: 36mil

Faction Standings
Not turned in so unknown.
Comment by AnaGram
2015-12-15 11:11:49
2015 12 15

Ran with 2 Vargur
Slow boat room 1 pick off frigs and cruisers and then the BS
Got scared reading the comments , but if you can do Attack of the Drones with shooting all 4 cruisers 1st then this is equal
Bastion mode with Pith A med shieled booster and Pith C adaptive gives 1044 Hp tank as per Pyfa

2nd room came in waves , 9 BS 9 BC and 10 Frigs / Strain
Comment by DumbGit
2018-02-18 02:09:46
18 Feb 2018 (Storyline mission)
Blitzed in about 2 minutes.
Went in a omni-tanked Navy Scorpion using T2 Mjolnir Rage cruise missiles and CN Anti-matter in the (T2) 425 mm railgun.

Had all my mods turn off and full cap (I over-thought the whole thing). When I landed there were a lot more frigs and other ships than noted in the description for the mission.
Aligned to a gate, locked the Infested Station and before even firing a shot the first spawn arrived. I thought the station would be a lot stronger so I took out the Neut battery first and turned on my mods, then took out the Stasis battery.
Then started on the infested station and it went down in a couple volleys. I'd loaded my drone bay with 15 Acolyte IIs expecting to have to kill a lot of warp disrupting frigs but none of them got within 40kms by the time the station popped and I warped out.
Like I said, I over-thought the whole thing. Would be different if I was planning on killing/salvaging everything but I just wanted the standings.

+0.938 Amarr
+0.213 Caldari
-0.458 Minmatar
-0.175 Gallente

(Standings results will vary, greatly, depending on your skill levels and what your standings were prior to the mission.)
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