Extract the Renegade, Level 4

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Thermal/Kinetic
Extras: None
Web/scramble: Elite Federation Libertus/Manicus (web/scram)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: Nighthawk

The acceleration gate will be locked until the pocket entrance is cleared.

Pocket Entrance (Auto-aggro): (8-10km)

3x Frigates (Federation Clavis/Hastile)
3x Battlecruisers (Federation Hastarius/Loras)
1x Battleship (Federation Triarius/Xenan)

Single Pocket (Auto-aggro): (13-26km)

5x Frigates (Elite Federation Manica/Libertus/Pelekus/Phalarica)
5x Battlecruisers (Federation Praktor Centurion/Legionarius/Bearcus/Calo)
4x Battleships (Federation Praeses/Hexeris/Hyperion)



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Comment by WeeKa
2008-09-17 12:59:50
Tags were :

5x Gallente Navy Fleet Colonel Insignia II
5x Gallente Navy Fleet Captain Insignia I
4x Gallente Navy Sergeant Insignia II
3x Gallente Navy Sergeant Major Insignia I
3x Gallente Navy Midshipman Insignia I
1x Gallente Navy Fleet Major Insignia I
Comment by KwuGgy
2008-12-12 20:55:38
Elite Federation Libertus/Manica have scramblers. Almost got me killed :/
Comment by MrT
2009-07-23 15:13:35
Very hard mission, because of the distance. Pocket 2 is nasty because of th 5 frigs webing.
Tags: 3*Gallente navy fleet captain insignia I, 1*Gallente navy fleet colonel insignia I, 5*Gallente navy fleet colonel insignia II, 4*Gallente navy fleet major insignia I, 3*Gallente navy midshipman insignia I, 5*Gallente navy sergeant insignia I, 3*Gallente navy sergeant major insignia I .
It was a storyline for amarr.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-09-29 12:01:22
Loras spawned when I did this. They were Exequeror hulls, not BCs. I didn't rightclick to check if they were listed as cruiser, or battlecruiser, however.
Comment by CircuitSorcerer
2009-10-25 21:30:45
The Elite Frigates actually WARP SCRAMBLE you too, not just webify you. I lost a very well tanked Megathron in this mission. Suggest either putting on a warp stab, or bringing a friend to take the frigs out fast... The dps seems to be coming from a 3 Megathrons and the Hyperion mostly.... fly safe!
Comment by BalaNah
2009-10-29 19:47:44
Completed in Abaddon. Missioning fit (all t2 modules):
high: 8 mega pulses
med: 4 cap rechargers
low: 1 LAR, 1 EANM, 1 kin hardener, 1 therm hardener, 2 HS, 1 CPR.
Rigs (T1's): 2 CCC, 1 energy locus coordinator.

Begin pocket 2 by destroying the 4 BS's with guns and med drones II. Once this is done, it's smooth sailing. Then assign small drones on frigates and destroy cruisers with guns. Armor stayed between 50-60%. Elite frigates do web/scram you. Nasty mission.
Comment by Bm01
2010-03-31 20:27:48
1 LAR (true sansha), 1 hardener kine II and 1 hardener therm II on a Hyperion were enough. The DPS isn't that high, but you should start by killing the BC (and it's a rule to any lv4 mission) because they have high DPS and are easy to kill.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2010-04-21 16:09:09

My alt got this mission.

I decided to follow the blitz instructions, with the addition that my main to fly in an assault frigate, get aggro, and speedtank while my alt in a battleship warped in soon after to actually destroy ships.

My main and my alt both lost -0.02% with Gallente Federation for "Combat - Ship Kill". My alt turned in the mission without sharing rewards and gained +8.05% with Amarr Empire.
Comment by ZioYamamoto
2010-08-25 18:43:35
Just blitzed mission in a Maelstrom w/std T2 resist mods, booster etc.
Drones killed web/scram frigs, shot main target, looted and left.
No visible damage to shields.
It is impossible to loose a well tanked ship in this mission.

Lost -0.02% with Gallente Federation for "Combat - Ship Kill".
Storyline gives 21% to Corp, and 8.4% to Amarr Faction Standing
Comment by WrathofHell
2010-12-07 12:35:53
completed in an apocalypse navy issue with 3 hardeners and an afterburner fitted. no problem to complete at all.
Comment by LaIvasse
2011-04-27 14:19:49
Absolutely standard, easy mission. 1kin/1therm Abaddon barely even blinked. Only 1 frig scrammed, only 1 frig webbed, & Hornet IIs minced them quick. The BSes drop easily enough. Armour never went below 85-90%. Entire second pocket is roughly equivalent to any single group from, say, Angel Extravaganza or Serps Assault. Don't believe the hype.
Comment by ZikatArzi
2011-10-23 22:54:10
2 kin / 2 therm Apocalypse. Very high incoming dps in last room. Good thing I brought a friend; we killed the 5 scram frigates and the mission BS, killed 2 more BS on the way to loot (12km) and was at 10% armor when I warped out. Incoming dps did NOT reduce by much by killing the BS's.
Comment by AtskiyTerrorist
2012-01-31 11:00:26
Strange, good tanked Raven got heavy damage. Kinetic/Therm resists - 84/56. I did this mission very hard, with some re-warps.
Comment by VioletGiraffe
2012-06-28 03:40:02
There was no Hyperion on the field. Praktor Magister was the last I've killed, and it dropped the can.
Confirming -0.02% Gallente standing drop for ship kill, gain with Amarr is 9.375% (Social V).
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