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Factional Warfare Missions

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This page contains intel about the Factional Warfare missions. Please note that you have to be enlisted with the respective militia to be able to run these missions.


Level 4

CostOfHubris4am Cost of Hubris, The
CuttingTheNet4am Cutting the Net
DeadMenTellNoTales4am Dead Men Tell No Tales
HaltTheInvasion4am Halt the Invasion
LethalStrike4am Lethal Strike
Reprisal4am Reprisal, The
RoidiestRage4am Roidiest Rage
ShadesOfGrey4am Shades of Grey
SupplyInderdiction4am Supply Interdiction
Uproot4am Uproot



Level 2

DarkLesson2ga Dark Lesson, A

Level 3

MoraleandMorality3ga Morale and Morality

Level 4

CostOfHubris4ga Cost of Hubris, The
CuttingTheNet4ga Cutting the Net
DeadMenTellNoTales4ga Dead Men Tell No Tales
HaltTheInvasion4ga Halt the Invasion
LethalStrike4ga Lethal Strike
Reprisal4ga Reprisal, The
RoidiestRage4ga Roidiest Rage
ShadesOfGrey4ga Shades of Grey
SupplyInderdiction4ga Supply Interdiction
Uproot4ga Uproot


Level 4

HaltTheInvasion4mi Halt the Invasion

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