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======Guides and Tools for Factional Warfare======
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A small selection of helpful guides and tools for Factional Warfare in Eve Online.


===Complete guides===
- [[ Official EVE Player's Guide to Faction Warfare]] - CCP's official guide
- [[ Factional Warefare]] - A complete guide from Eve University
- [[ Faction War Guide 2013]] - A complete guide about the FW mechanics including plexing and tier levels
- [[ Factional Warfare]] - Another complete guide about Factional Warfare (German language)
- [[ Faction Warfare: Gaming the system]] - Detailed paper about the FW mechanics and how to play them best

===Plexing guides===
- [[ The Beginners's Guide to Faction War Plexing]] - Introduction to FW plexing for beginnners
- [[ How to upgrade an iHub]] - Explanation with screenshots on how to upgrade a FW iHub with LP

===FW Mission guides===
- [[ Faction Warfare Guide Series]] - Missions Video guide to running FW missions
- FactionalWarfare - Kill Mission Survival Guides

===PVP guides===
- [[ PVP 101: Fundamentals]] - Guide about the fundamentals of PVP. Also links to many additional guides on specific PVP topics
- [[ Newbie tackling guide]] - Guide about how to tackle including ship fittings (The Altruist)
- [[ Low sec survival guide]] - Guide on basic skills and methods required to survive in Low sec (The Altruist)
- [[ PVP Mechanics]] - Thorough guide on Eve mechanics important for understanding and ultimately winning in PVP
- [[ Gallenta Militia Fittings]] - Complete set of FW ship fittings for Gallente ships

- [[ The Gallente – Caldari War: Why We Fight]] - The story behind the Gallente-Caldari War (Part 1/3)
- [[ The Gallente – Caldari War: Peace and Resurgence]] - The story behind the Gallente-Caldari War (Part 2/3)

===FW Maps===
- [[ Caldari vs. Gallente map]] - Complete map of the warzone at dotlan
- [[ Caldari vs. Gallente map]] - Complete map of the warzone at
- [[ Amarr vs. Minmatar map]] - Complete map of the warzone at dotlan
- [[ Amarr vs. Minmatar map]] - Complete map of the warzone at


===PVP Tools===
- [[ aD - Paste anything]] - Analyse dscan or local with one tool. Create a "Dingo" for your FC. Monitor changes in local. Additional features available with API-Key.
- [[ zKillboard]] - Get killboard information about your enemy or yourself
- [[ Eveeye Maps]] - Highly customizable map including many options for FW
- [[ DOTLAN Evemaps]] - Maps and navigation planer for Eve

===Tactical information===
- [[ GateCams: Akidagi>Ichoriya + Kinakka>Onnamon]] Daily gate cams for Akidagi>Ichoriya and Kinakka>Onnamon on twich
- [[ EVE Factional Warzone Player Influence Map]] Up-to-date map of warzone control for all four factions:
- [[ Factional Warfare Stats]] Daily statistic charts for all four FW militias on kills, victory points, population and occupied systems

===News & Blogs===
- [[]] - Central news site to keep up-to-date with current events
- [[ Crossing Zebras]] - General Eve news site with regular updates on FW and low sec

===High Scores===
- [[ Amarr]] - TOP scores for Amarr militia
- [[ Caldari]] - TOP scores for Caldari militia
- [[ Gallente]] - TOP scores for Gallente militia
- [[ Minmatar]] - TOP scores for Minmatar militia
- [[ Faction Warfare at]] FW related highscore lists for Kills and Victory Points won by pilot, corporation and alliance
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