Father And Son, Level 3

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space with one gates
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Extras: Dampening
Recommended damage dealing: kin/therm
Recommended ship classes: Battle Cruiser, Cruiser
Recommended generic setup: sniper, normal tank.

Single Pocket

Gate to pocket is unguarded. Group 1 auto aggros, Group 2 spawns once the Sector Commander is damaged to armor.
Mission is complete once Sector Commander is destroyed.

Group 1

45km, Auto-aggro

5x Frigate (Federation Praktor Belos/Harpago)
1x Battle Cruiser (Federation Praktor Diablic) Trigger

Group 2

45km, Auto-aggro on spawn
4x Cruiser (Elite Federation Liburna/Mentas/Calo) Dampening (Calo)

Destroy the Sector Commander, warp out.

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