Forces Amassing (Amarr), Level 5

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate
Damage dealt: em/therm
Extras: 3x Energy Neutralization II towers
Web/Scramble: none
Recommended damage dealing: em/therm
Recommended ships: Dual logistics domi

Single Pocket

Full aggro on warp in

Group 1

3x Amarr Cruise Missile Battery
3x Amarr Energy Neutralizer II
2x Amarr Heavy Missile Battery

Group 2

2x Cruisers (Imperial Templar Champion)
6x Cruisers (Imperial Justicar, Trigger Spawn 1a)
orbits ~10km

Group 3

6x Battleships (Imperial Templar Judgment, Trigger Spawn 1b)
Orbits 49km


Spawn 1a

2x Cruisers (Imperial Templar Champion)
4x Cruisers (Imperial Justica, Trigger Spawn 2a)
Orbits ~10km?

Spawn 1b

7x Battleships (Imperial Templar Martyr, Trigger Spawn 2b)
Orbits 49km

Spawn 2a

6x Cruisers (Imperial Templar Phalanx)
Orbits ~10km?

Spawn 2b

4x Battleships (Imperial Templar Dominator)
Orbits 17km
2x Battleships (Imperial Templar Martyr)
Orbits 49km

No loot from 3x Amarr Bunkers
Uknown if any loot drops from the Amarr Battlestation

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