A Force to be reckoned with, level 3

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Expl, Kin, Thermic Missiles
Recommended damage dealing: Expl, Kin
Recommended ships: Battlecruiser, Megathron

Single spawn:

You warp in about 50-60km from the bad guys, everything immediately aggros.
2x Cruisers (Gistum Predator/Smasher)
4x Destroyers (Gistior Haunter/Defiler)
1x Named rat: Jenmai Hirokan, flying a Merlin (Flameburst missiles / 100km web range)

Jenmai Hirokan might drop Domination modules.

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Comment by KnorKor
2009-12-24 11:48:42
No Problem at all in a Gila with 3x Heavy, Minmatar T2 Drones and Explosion & Heat Amps. Passive Fit.
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-12-27 04:16:17
Easily completed in T2 fitted and rigged Hurricane, Passive Shield Tank with active Hardener, 720mm Artillery, Heavy Missile launcher.

Confirmed: Jenmai Hirokan does have long web range and will close in quickly.
No Faction loot dropped for me.
Comment by SkinGrapht
2011-02-03 18:48:55
Confirming the chance of faction drop from Jenmai.
Comment by BaboonMan
2011-05-27 18:27:36
Easily done in a Breacher (T1 missile frigate) fitted for range and nano tank. Just be sure and take out Jenmai first.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-05-31 22:04:16
My own alt did this mission and got 5.693% with Minmatar Mining Corporation and 2.2772% with Minmatar Republic.

(I've deleted an old comment by myself based on secondhand information that claimed 50% with the corporation and 10% with the faction.)
Comment by HezzarK
2011-12-18 10:52:49
Jenmai dropped 2 domination modules, total worth 250 mill shiny.... lol omg the most profitable mission ever! took 5 min in drake, 1 inv field, 2 ball control, 2 large extenders, 2 power relays, 3 target painters
Comment by SeieiHana
2012-01-30 17:22:59
At Social IV, I got 14.80% with corp, 5.18% with faction, and -3.72% with enemy faction. But no officer mods.
Comment by RelChuem
2012-10-07 10:53:59
40 mil Domination Module drop. Very easy Mission - only Jenmai takes a while with big guns..
Comment by SuperFrank
2012-12-28 07:31:36
This was a greatly rewarding mission! 26% corp, 5% faction. No officer mod.
Comment by SuperFrank
2013-09-18 17:35:59
14% corp, 5% faction, no officer mod
Comment by AribethThiesant
2015-02-05 23:29:25
Extremely quick and easy in T1.5 Myrmidon and T1 light drones. Never dropped below 95% shields
114 ISK LOOT!, Domination Adaptive Invulnerability Field + Domination Ballistic Control System.
Comment by SteppinRazor
2017-03-03 08:08:05
Completed this very easy mission in a Navy issue Vexor.
Loot consisted of : Domination Adaptive Invulnerability Field and some criminal tag. Combined with the mission reward (implant) .. this mission yielded nearly 100M ISK
Comment by DumbGit
2018-01-11 03:11:05
11 Jan 2018
Just did it in a CN Hookbill with a low skilled toon. Faction resist amps and 3 x T2 light missile launchers (and Scourge Fury missiles).
Probably should have read the details first and used an Explosive resist amp instead of an EMP, and Nova (explosive) missiles as well.

I was cap stable running my small shield booster and a T2 afterburner (just over 1,000 m/s) but Jenmai's web dropped me to just under 500 m/s.
He tanks like a **** too !

As my toon wasn't really PvE/PvP skilled, I had to warp out for repairs a couple times, warp back, knock Jenmai's tank down a bit more - repeat - redo - recycle.
Once he popped the rest were super easy. Took about 1/4 the time to pop the remaining 6 ships as it did to take out Jenmai alone !
A T3 Destroyer would probably mop this mission up in 2 minutes.

Did score a Domination Warp Scrambler (approx 124 mil isk in Jita) from the Jenmai wreck so that was nice, especially as the mission reward was a 3% Hardwiring worth less than 50,000 isk.
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