Foreign Investment, Level 2

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Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Thermal/Kinetic
Extras: Pocket 1: A Frigate has Sensor Dampening.
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Explosion
Recommended ship classes: Cruiser (Normal Restrictions)
Recommended generic setup: Assault/Light Tank

Objective requires Large Collidable Structures to see on overview.

Warp In

Single Group (25km) (Automatic Aggro)

(2) Gallente Navy Destroyers
(4) Gallente Navy Frigates

Pocket 1

Single Group (Automatic Aggro)

(4) Gallente Light Missile Batteries, Flameburst Light Missiles

Kill all ships at warp in to advance to Pocket 1, destroy Corporate HQ module, warp out

Mineable Asteroids

Pocket 1:
Corporate HQ (5-10km from gate landing) OBJECTIVE, May drop loot
Many others, Don't drop anything


Comment by MrBraetaec
2009-01-16 00:54:06
Except when I did it first it was in 0.4 space and I was popped by pvp'ers. They podded me too :(
Comment by ConradEsc
2009-04-24 18:29:06
You can identiy ships by looking at the type column in the overview
Comment by NicoDemous
2009-10-20 22:32:52
Killing the ships and HQ didn't affect my Gallente faction standings.
Comment by AelanaAnais
2010-01-04 10:58:19
Standing loss just took a while to hit, but I got hit by standing loss.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-15 03:25:46
Confirm standing loss from -2.07 to -2.26 just for clearing pocket 1 and destroying HQ. General note: Wait a least 15 min AND click the tab again (so the cache is cleared) before reporting negative results.
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