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===Site Escalation Wave===
1x Abandoned Talocan Cruiser (spawn container, salvager)
1x Battleship (Sleepless Defender) [web]
1x Deserted Talocan Cruiser (spawn container, salvager)

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Extras: Stasis Webify
Webbers: Emergent Defender, Sleepless Defender
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, T3 (6+ Remote Repair Modules)
Recommended generic setup: Multi-range, Heavy Omni-tank, Remote Repair (Spider Tanking)
**{{color c="red" text="All sleepers will auto aggress; Sleepers will switch targets, drones and support ships are not immune."}}**
1x Battleship (Sleepless Preserver) [rr] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
4x Cruisers (Awakened Defender)
2x Battleships (Sleepless Preserver) [rr] **{{color c="red" text="TRIGGER"}}**
2x Battleships (Sleepless Defender) [web]
2x Battleships (Sleepless Preserver) [rr]
1x Deserted Talocan Cruiser (spawn container, salvager)
12x Sleeper Artifact (spawn container, analyzer)
Webbers: Emergent Defender
Recommended ship classes: Spider Tanking Fleet, 6+ remote rep modules
Recommended generic setup: Omni tank
As with all Sleeper magnetometric sites, there are 4 waves each which auto aggress.
Sleeper ships may target switch. Drones and support ships are not immune.
1x Battleship (Sleepless Preserver) [remote rep]
===Reinforcement Wave 3===
- 12 Sleeper Artifact containers (analyzing)

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