Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot

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Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Magnetometric
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: (EM/The 36%, Kin/Exp 14%)
Recommended ship classes: RR Battleships, Duel X-Large Ancill Battleship, T3 Cruisers, Kitchen Sink + Logi (4+ Remote Repair Modules)
Recommended generic setup: Heavy Em/The Tank
Blue Loot Payout: 65.5 Million ISK

All sleepers will auto aggress; Sleepers will switch targets, drones and support ships are not immune.

Single Pocket

Initial Group

4 x Frigates (Emergent Preserver) [scram, web, neut]
2 x Cruisers (Awakened Defender) TRIGGER
Max Incoming DPS: 240 (EM/The 23%, Kin/Exp 27%)

Reinforcement Wave 1

3 x Cruisers (Awakened Defender) TRIGGER
4 x Cruisers (Awakened Upholder) [web, neut]
Max Incoming DPS: 336 (EM/The 29%, Kin/Exp 21%)

Reinforcement Wave 2

2 x Frigates (Emergent Defender) [web]
2 x Cruisers (Awakened Upholder) [web, neut]
2 x Battleship (Sleepless Upholder) [neut] TRIGGER
Max Incoming DPS: 1008 (EM/The 42%, Kin/Exp 8%)

Reinforcement Wave 3

2 x Frigates (Emergent Preserver) [scram, web, nos]
1 x Cruiser (Awakened Upholder) [web, neut]
3 x Battleships (Sleepless Upholder) [neut]
Max Incoming DPS: 1396 (EM/The 43%, Kin/Exp 7%)

10x Artifacts (spawn container, analyzer)
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Comment by CoriolisMeissner
2010-03-26 22:59:07
The 3x BS are lethal. A corpmate and I in drake managed to clear it only by warping in, immediately hitting warp out, and launching a few volleys before we finished aligning. The person targeted first's shields were usually down to about 40% in that short time before we aligned. The DPS is brutal.
Comment by BlueLola
2012-12-05 07:32:27
Completed in 2x RR Tengus (t2 fit), with ease.
Though there is a fair amount of Deeps in the final spawn, just don't shoot the triggers until you've cleared out each wave (or you will get dockad).
Comment by CareBear
2014-08-20 20:49:12
Solo'd in Tengu, had to warp out a few times because of cap issues.
Refit to a cap booster did wonders.
Make sure to kill the scrams first as they spawn.
Comment by FirdistheWord
2015-02-24 23:13:02
Solo'd with sleipnir, active warp outs
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