Forgotten Outposts, Level 4 (Caldari State Storyline)

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Exact name of station
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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (gated)
Damage dealt: Kin/therm
Web/scramble/jamming: none
Recommended damage dealing: kin
Recommended ship classes: Tengu, CNR
Extra: Bring an AB, there's lots of flying

Single Pocket

On warp in...

Communication from Agent:
“This is the area. Interesting…I can see there are ten different outposts. I’m not sure how to guide you, save for perhaps getting closer to the stations, starting with the ones whose names you might recognize.”


10 Stations arranged in a pattern all roughly 35-40km from warp in. No hostiles.
Station names are: Ancient Caldari Outpost: Urvuulen, Umkken, Uetama, Trekos, Sikken, Shioksa, Otseni, Orieku, Korami, Arishii

At about 10km from each station you get another communication of whether there is anything of interest.

Communication from Agent:
“Orieku Oustpost. This is definitely the one. It looks like someone else beat us to the discovery too. Don’t let those Guristas escape alive!”

5 groups spawn, 2 auto agro at close range. 15-20km. 2 other groups at 50-60km and a final one at around 80km
You can Attack one group at the time.



No Mining

12,983,626.00 Isk

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Comment by InZax
2011-02-12 18:30:50
12 million in bounties.

Salvage is meh..

43.75 percent standing gain with max skills for Zainou biotech. 8.75 for Caldari state.
Comment by InspectorDubplate
2011-05-01 21:34:23
Not a bad mission, no changes to add, doable in a raven. or a drake if you have the patience
Comment by DaveTheGreat
2011-05-15 11:24:42

Easy Mission
Comment by HezzarK
2012-01-07 17:15:13
nothing hard to tank, if u aggro groups seperately. If u dont have any problems with tanking gurista extravaganza rooms 1-5, there will be no problem here
Comment by IriYana
2012-04-21 14:54:47
Slightly heavier enemy composition:

13 BS, 6 BC, 2 CR and 4 FR. Types the same though, i.e. no jamming etc. Especially heavy incoming DPS in the two auto-aggro groups (6 BS and 6 BC). So more difficult to tank than Gurista Extravaganza or Recon - Part 1.
Comment by SantaroOramara
2016-12-03 23:30:26
14 million in bounties, about 2 million in loot.

14 Battleships
5 BattleCruisers
2 Cruisers
4 Destroyers

Ran it with a Caracal, no real threat. Just had to make sure I didn't fly into one group as I flew away from another, keeping the Battleships out of gun range.

All fittings are T2:
5x Heavy Missile Launcher w/Scourge Fury heavy missiles

2x Large Shield Extender
1x 10MN Afterburner
1x Adaptive Invulnerability Field
1x Kinetic Deflection Field

3x Ballistic Control System
1x Missile Guidance Enhancer

Rigged with:
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I

2x Hornet drones (T1) used against the destroyers.
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