Freedom and Commerce, Level 1

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Faction: Amarr
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Therm
Recommended ship type: Frigate, Assault Ship

Single pocket

All ships auto-aggro a few seconds after warp-in.

Single pocket

Group 1 (20-25km)

8x Frigates (Imperial Disciple/Forian/Haran/Matendi)

Group 2 (36km)

1x Transport (Slaver Ship)

Kill Slaver Ship to get complete, scoop up the Freed Slaves from can to turn in. No standing loss for only Slaver Ship.

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Comment by XiantraV
2008-12-06 14:27:40
Crusiers and above are NOT allowed.
Comment by MrDummy
2009-05-12 16:52:59
Even with Destroyer, Slaver Ship is very heavy ship. Hard to shoot him down.
At long range, he is very dangerous. He can hit you 25-50 and very sometimes 250, even at 32 km range. You can die quick if your ship is not strong enough.
But the ship has weakness: he has no short range weapons.
He has a module to slow you down a bit.
That means you must use afterburner and equip 2-3 short range weapons, and keep close at him, at 1 km...

The area has some Veldspar ores.
Comment by HypTron
2009-06-14 13:31:49
A Hulk isn't allowed through the gate, for mining.
Comment by SeamusDonohue
2011-04-21 15:50:50
FACTION BALANCING: A fellow Unista, "Algot Tram", tells me that he ran this mission and got two standing losses with the Amarr Empire for "Combat - Ship Kill": A -0.011% and a -0.004%. If this information is correct, then the standing losses are negligible.

I have not tested this personally.
Comment by SternLeadership
2013-07-25 14:35:00
Easy way to beat:
bring plenty of ammo (I used 150 mm compressed coil guns)
clear out small enemies, then warp out if you've taken a lot of damage. (And repair)
have shield booster and armor repair equipped. I also equipped extra reactor control units to accommodate my 150 mm guns.
either zig-zag or tank your way within 1 km of the Slaver Ship, and orbit at 1 km. It won't be able to hit you at all. If you've taken damage coming into orbit of it, just activate your repair stuff until you're back at 100%. You should use an afterburner to close the distance as quickly as possible.
Comment by TacyonEffect
2014-01-30 22:59:11
Harpy with (4) gauss prototypes shooting antimatter. Soon as I was out of warp, turned and burned to the slaver. When I was w/i 21km I opend fire and before I could get w/i 4000m he'd popped and the cargo was waiting for me.

I ONLY killed the slaver and I took a -0.011 % Amarr hit.
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