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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Thermal/Kinetic
Extras: None
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Cruiser (Normal Restrictions)

A Serpentis Captain wants to surrender. Destroy the Serpentis ships, return informant to agent.

=====Warp In (Single Pocket)=====

Single Ship (15km) (Automatic Aggro)
(1) Corelum Chief Safeguard (The Informant), kill this ship, Informant drops in can at kill.

Single Group Spawn (Automatic Aggro)
(3) Coreli Safeguard
(2) Corelior Trooper

Kill Corelum Chief Safeguard, grab the Informant from dropped can, mission completes, 2nd group spawns, ingnore and deliver Informant to agent.

==Mineable Asteroids==
There are mineable asteroids however they are rigged with smart bombs... can be done in a hulk with a good shield tank, other ships if have shield repair drones to repair as you are hit


• Very Simple Mission, Corelum Chief Safeguard gives a decent fight, the rest are easy for a well fitted Cruiser.

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