Furrier Fiasco, Level 1

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Faction: Environmental Terrorists (Serpentis in disguise)
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with a gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin/Them
Recommended ships: Frigate, any.
Video: Rifter


Spawn 1 will sometimes warp in as you approach the gate.
Spawn 2 will sometimes warp in after Spawn 1 has been destroyed
Gate is locked until all spawns are destroyed; if there are no spawns, gate is unlocked.

Spawn 1

3x Frigates (Enviromental Terrorists aka Coreli Agent/Spy)

Spawn 2

2x Frigates (Environmental Terrorist aka Coreli Agent)

Pocket 1

Spawn 1
The spawn arrives when you approach or shoot the Infested Laboratory. It arrives on the warp in point.

5x Frigates (Environmental Terrorist aka Coreli Scout/Initiate)

Spawn 2
Arrives after you kill the 1st 5 Frigates

5x Frigates (Environmental Terrorists aka Coreli Scout/Initiate

The Laboratory drops some Trade Goods and Scrap Metal

Destroy the infested laboratory.

The Laboratory is inside the Hollow Asteroid. Kill all of the frigates before attempting to navigate to retrieve the drop.

Mineable Asteroids

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Comment by EliseaDarkmoon
2008-06-29 08:46:20
Done this mission about 4 times in the last week, never seen anything at the WIP. Has anyone else?
Comment by LilMina
2008-07-19 14:20:24
First area was empty for me, as was the second, I blew up the structure and got : objective completed.

never saw any rats....
Comment by KeryNysell
2008-11-15 13:31:28
Well, I just did that mission for the first time ...
The 'rats spawned when I came within 5000 meters of the gate, right on top of the warping point, with the second wave of 2 spawning after the third one of the first wave was killed.

In the deadspace pocket beyond the gate, first wave spawned when the shields of the Infested Laboratory reached 75%, and the second wave after the last frigate of the first wave was killed.
Comment by MrDummy
2009-04-12 16:29:28
Gate has nobody, but the lab has waves.

All wrecks from terrorists are empty.
Comment by IrishDog
2009-05-21 00:29:52
Can be done by destroyers (I did it in a Coercer)
Comment by ZenonBerg
2010-05-02 10:41:50
Easy is a destroyer.

1st pocket spawn when w/in 10km of gate.

Both 2nd pocket spawns had loot.
Comment by OriensD
2010-05-07 04:45:05
Pocket 1
Infested Laboratory
50x Metal Scraps, 10x Livestock, 10x Enriched Uranium, 10x Long-limb Roes, 10x Water

Starbase Auxiliary Power Array
Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-09-09 06:18:47
Order of Spawns listed in mission report is correct.
Comment by LuigiVanCarlos
2010-11-28 15:38:56
My experience matched the listing. Finished easily in a Rifter.
Comment by HoshiIsamu
2011-01-28 19:18:43
Did this in a Punisher, with very little SP (most of it is in Spaceship Command) and I was able to kill the lab before the rats came close enough to hit me, so im sure others are able to aswell. Just a tip if you want to finish fast.
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