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Part 8 of the Gallente Archaeologist Storyline

Faction: Gallente Federation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: ?
Web/Scramble: No scrambing, frigates may web
Damage dealt: Kinetic (60%), Thermal(39%), EM(1%)
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal, Kinetic

Hardest part of the whole Storyline

Apart from stage 5 all groups can (and should) be aggroed seperately, drones can be deployed safely

Stage 1

Group 1:
4 BS (Federation Navy Orion/Dominix/Megathron)
y Cruiser
x Frigates

Group 2:
2 BS (Federation Navy Orion/Dominix/Megathron)
6 Cruiser (Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor)
4 Frigates

Stage 2

Group 1 (15-20km):
2 Battleships (Federation Navy Orion/Dominix/Megathron)
5 Cruiser (Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor)

Group 2 (50km):
1 Battleship (Federation Navy Orion/Dominix/Megathron)
5 Cruiser (Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor)
6 Frigates

Group 3 (55km):
1 Battleship (Federation Navy Orion/Dominix/Megathron)
12 Frigates

Stage 4

4 Sentries
2 Battleships (Federation Navy Orion/Fleet Commander)
6 Cruisers (Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor)
4 Frigates

Federation Navy Fleet commander drops Federation Navy Items (Federation Navy 100MN Afterburner?) and Hardwirings

Stage 5

First one who warps in will draw stage aggro

4 Sentries
5 Battleships (Federation Navy Orion/Fleet Commander/Megathron, General Luther Veron)
11 Cruiser (Federation Navy Thorax/Vexor)
10 Frigates

Federation Navy Fleet Commander & General Luther Veron drop Federation Navy Modules and 3% Hardwirings and "Luther Veron's Head"
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