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======Why I choose the Golem over the CNR======

There have been long discussions about the damage dealt by a CNR vs a Golem. The rof bonus and the probability of Defenders, distance etc etc etc. But I feel damage isn't everything when you do missions for the entire day. So I did take a chance on the Golem, and I'm not dissapointed.

- 3x free high slots can be used for tractors and salvager
- 40km range on the tractors
- 1225m³ cargohold
- Max locked target is 10, and the range is 90km before skills and 112,5 with Long range targetting level 5.
- Ship bonus plus the extra mid slot adds to the shield tanking
- It's a lot cheaper buying 4x launchers than 7x. Especially for officer mods.
- 4x launchers doing the same damage as 8x makes it much more attactive for using faction missiles.
- Golem is a lot easier to fit. You can choose mods that are good, not just because they have lower cpu/power reqs.

So with this ship, I can aggro groups that are 100km+ away without moving. I can loot and salvage while I fight. Especially useful when you're in a different system than your salvaging ship.
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