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Gone Berserk, level 2

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Faction: EoM (Equilibrium of Mankind)
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm (Kin missiles)
Reccomended damage dealing: Kinetic and Thermal
Completed in a Drake (Sky Marshal) DR: Easy.
Completed in: Pulse-laser Punisher MacLypse
Completed in: Dominix
Distance to the closest group : 45Km
They aggro at warp-in.
Mission: Kill all terrorist "EoM" then report back to the agent. (You can not remote complete)
Remote Complete: No

Like the level 4 variant, the spawns appear in chains.


Group 1
2x EoM Succubus

Group 2
2x EoM Succubus

Group 3
2x EoM Succubus

For each group you kill, you'll get an additional spawn of:

First Wave:

1 x EoM Succubus
1 x EoM Demon (Trigger)

When each EoM Demon is killed you get:

Second Wave:

2 x EoM Demon

When both EoM Demons of the group are killed you get:

Third Wave:

2 x EoM Demon

When both EoM Demons of this group are killed you get:

Fourth Wave:

2 x EoM Demon
2 x EoM Succubus
Two of the previous triggers will spawn Demons, while the third will spawn Succubi.

When both Demons/Succubi of this group are killed you get:

Fifth Wave:

1x EoM Priest (divided neatly by about 20-30k each, slow moving you can down each one before they close in too much)

Kill the left group of EoMs and each subsequent spawn without even touching mid and right groups. Once you kill cruiser, mission is done.
At the Demon + Succubus spawn, you only have to kill the trigger and leave the Succubus.

Rewards and Bonus
Reward: 170,000 ISK 240 LP
Bonus: 167,000 ISK if you complete it within 2 hours and 52 minutes.

Succubus: 12,000 ISK
Demon: 17,500 ISK
Priest: 45,000 ISK

Blitz: 3-5 minutes
No Blitz: 4-9 minutes


Best tip is, warp in deploy drones and let them do all the work

Can be done with basic T1 drones. Even after the 2013 AI update. They didn't shoot at any of my Hobgoblins 1.
You should have long range guns/drones.

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