Gone Berserk, Level 3

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Faction: EoM
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, Therm
Recommended Ships: Hurricane, Drake
Video: http://youtu.be/dZAKFg0mCww
Blitz video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU3jLrBBres

Single Pocket All Spawns ~45-55km from warp-in point

Aggro a few seconds after you warp in

6x Cruisers (Eom Prophet)

Reinforcement Spawn 1

When you kill the cruiser, it triggers Reinforcement Spawn 2
1x Frigate (Eom Demon)
1x Cruiser (Eom Black Priest)

Reinforcement Spawn 2

When you kill the cruiser, it triggers Reinforcement Spawn 3
1x Frigate (Eom Succubus)
1x Cruiser (Eom Crusader)

Reinforcement Spawn 3

When you kill the cruiser, it triggers Reinforcement Spawn 4
1x Frigate (Eom Succubus)
1x Cruiser (Eom Crusader)

Reinforcement Spawn 4

This is the final spawn
2x Frigates (Eom Demon)
1x Cruiser (Eom Death Knight)

Example Image of how killing the Prophets triggers the Reinforcement Spawns:
Setup of Ships and their spawning routine

No loot

Veldspar - 47 asteroids (1,659,846)
Plagioclase - 30 asteroids (813,864)
Pyroxeres - 16 asteroids (479,979)
Make sure you do not turn the mission in until after you are done mining, if you want to mine. (Or just make sure there's always at least one ship in the area after you've turned it in.) Bookmarking the asteroids to warp in close doesn't work, you always warp to the start point unless mining after turning it in.

Bounty : ~1.8M ISK
Loot : ~2.8M ISK estimated

Kill right spawn and all ships of this chain.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TU3jLrBBres (Blitz)

Comment by GanoesParan
2008-07-14 19:02:46
I found that using a passive cane with autocannons finishes the mission quite quickly and easily. used AB to get to the first cruisers quickly and rip them all to shreads. and use Ab again to quickly chase the reinforcements. suffered minmal damage, around low 80% shield. finished mission in about 5-7 minutes
Comment by TipzNexAstrum
2009-02-02 21:33:23
Veldspar - 47 asteroids - 1,659,846
Plagioclase - 30 asteroids - 813,864
Pyroxeres - 16 asteroids - 479,979
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-04-15 15:35:39
In my passive fitted Drake with a invu II i felt it's easy to tank the whole spawn, even if you shoot all at the same time. (Medium skills)
Comment by NemrodTerzi
2009-05-04 15:54:39
Kill total:
3x Black Priest
6x Crusader
3x Death Knight
9x Demon
6x Prophet
6x Succubus
Comment by NicCage
2009-07-20 13:12:13
EoM drop lots of loot.

Also, reinforcement spawns did not attack drones for me
Comment by EseaBellum
2009-08-05 20:52:05
I active armor tank a myrmidon, and I easily took this mission on. I do have hull upgrades 5, and mechanic 5, and repair systems five. So all of my hardeners were tech 2, as well as my repper. In all honesty I didn't even need the repper. I just sat back and let my vespa 2's kill them all. They wouldn't aggro my drones at all.
Comment by ShiggyMoto
2009-09-06 03:59:52
I found dealing Kinetic damage is more effective than Thermal damage. Also I prioritized protection against Kinetic damage with Thermal damage secondary.

The EoM Prophets fire Bloodclaw Light Missiles and will fly within 3,000 meters of your ship. The EoM Black Priests and Crusaders fire Scourge Heavy Missiles.

Here's a bounty list for the pirates encountered.

EoM Death Knight: 110,000
EoM Crusader: 100,000
EoM Black Priest: 75,000
EoM Prophet: 50,000
EoM Demon: 17,500
EoM Succubus: 12,000
Comment by JanniasSin
2009-09-15 05:08:17
Spawns do not target drones for this mission
Comment by SethDBinJP
2009-10-26 00:09:43
This mission has been updated or is very random in numbers. There are a lot more ships now, and I counted more Plag asteroids too. I also lost 1 drone, it may have been the original group or an early spawn. I didn't have time to note triggers and wave numbers, but there were 6-9 ships at the start and they came in in small group spawns/triggers pretty rapidly after that. The mission is more difficult, but still easy enough in a reasonably fit Hurricane. It may be trouble for a cruiser. I didn't need to move so the "at X km" is to note where most of the type's wrecks were. Counting the wrecks after finishing there were:
EOM Prophet 6 maybe at 3000km
Succubus 6 at 7500km
Demon 9 at 7500km

Crusader 6 at 15km
black priest 3 at 18km
death knight 3 at 17km

Early ships Crusaders and Prophets spawn in waves but grouped together.
Middle ships Succubus and Black Priests....I think
Ending ships Demons and Death Knights ...I think
Comment by GhostStalker01
2009-11-13 11:13:05
Did this mission in an arbitrator, pretty easy although every cruiser killed spawned another and a frigate, except for the last and 3 of the first 6.
Comment by JediRobin
2010-01-19 16:30:44
The order I got
6x EOM Prophets
1x eom demon
1x black priest
2x eom demon
1x eom crusader
1x eom succubus
2x eom black priests
1x eom crusader
1x eom crusader2 eom succubus
2x eom demons
1x eom death knight
2x eom succubus
2x eom crudaders
1x eom succubus
1x eom crusader
2x eom demons
1x eom death knight
1x eom demons
1x eom death knight
Comment by Dethbringer1
2010-02-17 00:18:20
I started this mission with the intention of sitting in the middle of them and just tanking it with my myrmidon. After killing about 15 ships ran out of cap and had to retreat. They were much harder than I predicted. Also I noticed that kiting is not too effective. Their missiles deal good damage. Even at 50k while they seem almost uneffected by my railguns with iron ammo. Antimatter at close range is effective but drains my cap in a couple mins. Had to return to station twice to recharge my cap. The numbers of hostiles must be random. I was confronted by 33 ships.
2010-02-20 21:55:54
First few times I ran this mission, I carefully killed triggers so that i worked on each individual set of reinforcement waves before killing the next initial prophet.

However, since I run this in my dual-rep drone myrm, I can usually sit there and tank everything while my Vespa II's chew everything up. So I'm going to try "afk'ing" this mission this time around, see what happens to the drones.
Comment by OrGasn
2010-09-02 15:47:10
It was a piss on my hurricane with 50% tech 2 modules (carefully killing the triggers last). I was even able to switch to my 180mm dual auto cannons and kill them much faster, compared with my artillery.
Comment by AdmiralProud
2010-09-07 18:09:16
I'm confirming that the new spawns don't target drones. Had my drones out the whole time and they were never targeted.
Comment by NanoPhreak
2010-09-30 20:14:29
Was able to do this in buffer-tanked Phantasm (19k shield, 49/59/69/75), coming out with about half shields. Just wait until they're inside 20k and you never have to move, even to salvage. Didn't even pay attention to triggers.
Comment by DoctorNho
2011-01-05 12:19:40
These rats drop large quantities of loot. I think I got at least one drop from each of the 33 rats. Total was 1050 m3, not counting salvage.
Comment by Kestra1
2011-04-07 06:22:15
Pretty easy with T1 fitted active shield tank Drake set up on therm and kin, used kin missiles and Hobgoblin IIs.
Comment by DrRoic
2011-05-03 04:51:10
The Crusaders and Death Knights do some repair. Total bounty was 1,684,500 ISK.
Comment by KoboldArcolithe
2011-06-26 09:03:44
Heavy Salvage/Loot, suggest you bring in a hauler if you are going to salvage/loot all

1187m3 total volume

Metal Scrap: 31
Heavy Beam Laser: 6
Cap Booster 100: 30
Cap Booster 75: 10

those are the heavyweights
Comment by ZikatArzi
2011-07-25 12:08:22
I made 5.5 million ISK from bounties/rewards and loot/salvage in about an hour.
Comment by TopHats
2011-09-04 22:14:32
CAREFULLY READ THE DESCRIPTION AT THE TOP!! It tells you everything you need to know!!!
- There are THREE sets of the listed spawns, as it says.
- The triggers are not random!

The first time I ran this, I didn't pay attention to triggers and quickly got overwhelmed. Had to warp out multiple times, etc.
The second time I ran this, I just plunked my Harbinger (with relatively low skillpoints and no T2 guns) down in the middle and carefully triggered each set of spawns. Never had to warp out once, very easy and very rewarding.
Comment by RaabenFeder
2011-09-30 17:09:30
no more bookmarking in this mission (not the roids, wrecks, buildings,...)!
so getting the stones could take some time. they are all about 30-40km
from warp-in point.
btw. easy shooting and lot of loot. done with t1 fitted long range cyclone
(titan sabbot + scourgies)
Comment by AlibonPaaltomo
2011-10-02 19:28:59
T2 tanked drake: 31 scourge(x7) groups expended, no drone use, minimum enemy killed (right hand chain as per blitz instructions), 87% shield remaining on completion due to the four untouched prophets orbiting and throwing rocks.
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2011-10-10 02:12:17
As several others have also noted, there is no drone aggro. Just make sure you watch what targets your drones attack, because they don't always pick the right ones.
Incoming dps is pretty low as long as you kill enemies in the right order. Even a tech 1 fit battlecruiser should be able to tank this if fit properly. Good practice for a beginner.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2011-10-26 18:19:10
Very easy in Drake with AB, kiting zero problem. Needed 2 runs with slavaging Cormorant - lot of loot but no spectacular items.
Comment by SebastianLaFleur
2011-11-10 11:26:41
I've made a video showing how to blitz this mission: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zmC-VIreBw . I hope it's useful to someone :)
Comment by NakAn
2011-12-24 03:57:12
really easy... form a fleet alone, and tag the first 4 targets... then avoid them untill you are ready to go to next group
Comment by SuperFrank
2012-11-22 17:17:57
8M salvage from killing all the ships
Comment by BillC
2013-01-11 16:38:03
Mission worked exactly as described at top of page. Ran in passive shield hurricane - never moved. Good loot and salvage.
Comment by DrXenocide
2013-07-01 12:14:43
Mission changed faction standing by 2.08±0.12 %, probably worth 2%.
Comment by RolSon
2013-08-20 12:42:00
I have done it in my Corax.
Mission Rewards: 394 000 ISK
Time Bonus Rewards: 374 000 ISK
Bounty Prizes: 1 994 500 ISK
Loot Approx: 10 000 000 ISK (showing in the right bottom corner of cargo window)
Total: 12 762 500 ISK (approx including loot)
+ Loyalty Points: 1178 :)
Comment by hal9k
2018-04-11 12:24:34
parked up on warpin deployed mtu orbited mtu @ 500 followed instructions above easy mission 4 alpha in gnosis

salvage 344k
loot 3.2m
bountied 1.68m
Comment by AndreasB
2021-02-16 15:20:07
There was no asteroids and no acceleration gate when I did this mission today.
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