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The Good Word, Level 3

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kill if you want, Gate is unlocked
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Faction: Scions of the Superior Gene
Mission type: Encounter
Space type:
Damage dealt: Kinetic / Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic
Recommended Ship classes: Battlecruiser
Completed with: Drake

Mission objective: take the preacher Tolmak from the Yunshin Z refining complex to your agent.

Wait a few seconds for spawns.

Pocket 1

First room starts empty.
6x Cruiser (Scions of the the Superior Gene) in Caracals warp in at 70-80km
Spawn 5x Cruiser (Scions of the Superior Gene)
3x Tolmak Zealots (kill if you want)
Gate is unlocked
Blitz: Use Gate

Pocket 2

6 Cruiser (Scions of the the Superior Gene) Caracal start firing from 12-14km, same as before, kill for completion
Blitz: Grab Tolmak from container and warp out.




The Scions of the Superior Gene are a minor extremist cult. They believe that the Jovians are gods, and their technology is sacred – too pure to be used by the lowly empires. They have a small fleet of well-armed ships used exclusively to "purify" those who they feel have offended the Jovians.

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