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Gurista Extravaganza, level 3

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Reccomended damage dealing: Kin, therm.
Completed with: Prophecy, 2 kin hardeners and 1 thermal

Pocket 1:
2x Gruistas kyoukan (Frigate class)
1x Gruistas webifier (Frigate class)
2x pithior anarchist (Destroyer class)
1x pithior renegade (Destroyer class)
2x pithum inferno (Cruiser class)
4x pithum mortifier (Cruiser class)
1x Pithatis enforcer (Battlecruiser class)
2x Pithatis executor (Battlecruiser class)

Pocket 2:
1x Tower Sentry I
2x Tower Sentry II
3x Light Missile Battery
1x Pithum Silencer (Cruiser class)

Pocket 3:
A couple of Missile Batteries
2x Guristas Transport
2x Pithior Anarchist (Destroyer class)
2x Pithum Silencer (Cruiser class)
1x Pithum Abolisher (Cruiser class)
1x Pithum Ascriber (Cruiser class)
1x Pithum Eraser (Cruiser class)
1x Pithatis Executor (Battlecruiser class)

Pocket 4:
1x Guristas Personel Transport
1x Guristas Kyoukan (Frigate class)
3x Pithi Demolisher (Frigate class)
1x Pithi Destructor (Frigate class)
2x Guristas Webifier (Frigate class)
3x Pithum Ascriber (Cruiser class)
1x Pithum Inferno (Cruiser class)
2x Pithum Mortifier (Cruiser class)
1x Pithum Silencer (Cruiser class)
1x Pithatis Enforcer (Battlecruiser class)
1x Pithatis Executor (Battlecruiser class)

Structures with loot: Guristas Outpost Residential Hub, Narcotics Warehouse, Major Assembly Array

Pocket 5:
1 Pithi Demolisher (Frigate class)
4 Pithi Destructor (Frigate class)
4 Pithum Abolisher (Cruiser class)
1 Pithum Inferno (Cruiser class)
1 Pithum Mortifier (Cruiser class)
1 Spider Drone I (Drone)
1 Satori Kardun (Guristas general)

Structures with loot: Storage Silo

Bonus Room 6 (needs a Guristas Palladium Tag)

Difficulty: Hard (requires full tanking abilities)

1 BS (kin torpedoes), 2-4 BC, Batteries & Sentrys (thermal) plus other cruise & frigates

Structures with loot: Guristas War Installation
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