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Faction: Guristas
Web/Scramble: Dire Pithi Infiltrator
Extras: Jamming Pith Eliminator/Extinguisher
Recommended Damage Dealing: Kin(best), Therm(secondary)
3x Battleship (Pith Usurper)
6x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer/Executor/Revolter) **Trigger**
4x Cruiser (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
3x Battleship (Pith Usurper)
8x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer/Executor/Revolter) **Trigger**
7x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/Extinguisher/Massacrer) **Jamming Eliminator/Extinquisher** **Trigger**
4x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer)
2x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Demolisher)
6x Battleship (Pith Usurper)
2x Elite Cruiser (Dire Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
2x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Infiltrator) **Scram & Web**
Faction: Gurista
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
Web/Scramble: Dire Pithi Infiltrator (Wave 3)
Extras: Pith Eliminators & Extinguishers use ECM
Reccomended Damage Dealing: Therm/Kin
3x Pith Usurpers
4x Pithatis Executor
1x Pithatis Death Dealer
1x Pithatis Revolter (Trigger)
2x Pithum Eraser
2x Pithum Abolisher
3x Pith Usurper
3x Pithatis Death Dealer
4x Pithatis Executor
1x Pithatis Revolter (Trigger)
3x Pith Massacrer
3x Pith Extinguisher (Trigger) (ECM)
1x Pith Eliminator (ECM)
4x Pithatis Enforcer
2x Dire Pithi Demolisher
6x Pith Usurper
1x Dire Pithum Abolisher
1x Dire Pithum Eraser
2x Dire Pithi Infiltrator (Scram & Web)

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