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Web/Scramble: None
Recommended Damage Dealing: Kin(best), Therm(secondary)
3x Battleship (Pith Conquistador) **Trigger**
3x Cruiser (Pithum Abolisher)
2x Battleship (Pith Usurper)
2x Destroyer (Pithior Guerilla) **Trigger**
3x Battleship (Pith Destroyer)
3x Frigate (Pithi Plunderer) **Trigger**
2x Battleship (Pith Dismantler)
3x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Revolter)
Group: Cosmic Anomaly
Web/Scramble: N/A
Extras: N/A
Reccomended Damage Dealing: Therm/Kin
3x Pith Conquistador (Trigger)
3x Pithum Abolisher
2x Pith Usurper
2x Pithior Guerilla (Trigger)
3x Pith Destroyer
3x Pithi Plunderer (Trigger)
2x Pith Dismantler
3x Pithatis Revolter

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3x Pithatis Revolter
3x Pithatis Revolter (Trigger)

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