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The Heiress, Level 1

Five parts.

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Part 1

Mission type: Courier

Part 2

Mission type: Courier

Part 3

Mission type: Mining

Mine 20 units (320m3) of valueless ore and return to the agent.
Note: If the asteroid does not appear on your overview, you can show Arkonor asteroids and it will appear.

2 frigate's spawn when the asteroid is depleted.

Part 4

Mission type: Courier

Part 5

Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Unknown w/o gates
Damage dealt: None
Extras: None
Web/scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: unknown

Blow up the Heiress’s private transport, in accordance with her grandfather’s final wishes.

Single Pocket

No aggro on Warp-in.

Distance: 14km from Warp-in.
1x Transport (Imperial Industrial/The Heiress's Private Transport)

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