Hidden Stash, Level 2

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Faction: Sansha's Nation
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Em/Therm
Extras: Centii Savages and Slavehunters use tracking disrupters
Recommended damage dealing: Em/Therm
Recommended ships: Heavy frigates, cruisers.
Completed in: Pulse-laser Punisher MacLypse

Single Pocket

Enemies are already spawned and waiting. Aggro in about 5 seconds after warp in from all enemies.

Distance: 10-15km.
7x Frigates (Centii Manslayer/Butcher/Slavehunter/Savage).

Blowing up the Warehouse completes the mission. Remember to collect the containers before warping out!


Asteroid info
35 Veldspar asteroids ... even worth mentioning?

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Comment by AmarrianCynicism
2009-09-22 02:34:08
Very easy mission, confirmed trade goods and metal scraps for warehouse.
Comment by TitaniumShadow
2009-10-29 22:29:53
There is a Sansha's Nation Faction Standing hit for this mission.
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