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EVE-survival goes wiki!

User registration is now enabled! Join the ingame channel Eve-survival for more info. The wiki will move to the root-url when/if it's going to replace the old pages.

The wiki detects if it's viewed in the In Game Browser and shows a simplified version of the wiki. There's a minimal of links and no stylesheets nor div-tags.

Want to register?

Please create an username that is similar to your ingame name. It's got to contain at least two capital letters or one capital letter and one number. It's the way Wikka links users and pages.

Example: ChepeNolon

Currently Under Migration and Upgrade

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1.  ChepeNolon 146 12.1%
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3.  MadessMachine 46 3.8%
4.  SturmWolke 37 3.1%
5.  SazukaKirr 37 3.1%
6.  JohnnyNeumonnic 36 3%
7.  JohnKarnage 35 2.9%
8.  ShintuFelper 34 2.8%
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10.  TontoAuri 25 2.1%

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